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Zora did not beat cancer. But she has one last wish: to die by her husband’s side

Without immediate help, she is in danger of spending her last moments alone. Zora Šebková has been at home for three quarters of a year. He is bravely fighting lung cancer that has metastasized to his brain. Doctors recently told her that there is no longer any treatment for her. She wishes to spend the remaining days next to her man and enjoy the last moments together. However, without financial help, this wish will not come true.

Zora Šebková’s last days remain. She wants to live them by her husband’s side.

| Photo: Courtesy of Eva Minaříková

Zora Šebková married the love of her life three years ago. In her husband Michal Šebko, she also found her best friend, with whom they enjoyed every free moment together. However, their lives turned upside down when Zora fell ill with lung cancer, which also metastasized to the brain.

After acute head surgery, Zora underwent radiation and chemotherapy, but she was unable to defeat the disease. Now she knows she has the last days of her life left. She would like to spend them by her husband’s side. Unfortunately, this common wish of theirs is fully dependent on finances.

Zorka doesn’t have much time left

Throughout the treatment for malignant lung cancer and brain metastases, the doctors did everything in their power. “There is no cure for you. Now it’s important that it doesn’t hurt and that you feel as good as possible,” the doctor said regretfully to the dying Zorca.

Anna says:

A miracle cure for a common type of cancer? Immunotherapy saves the lungs

After such a fatal message, Zorka and her husband Michal’s eyes darkened. Thoughts raced through their heads as to whether they had fought enough. Did they do all they could. Why is this happening to them, what will happen now and if there really isn’t even a tiny glimmer of hope.

“You can’t prepare for this. That will take everyone’s breath away,” says Zorča’s husband Michal.

Lung cancer

  • Emergence lung cancer it is conditioned by several factors. Some can be influenced by the chosen lifestyle, others cannot be influenced.
  • “Lung cancer it often goes unnoticed for a long time, therefore it can subtly spread and grow. More than half of lung cancer cases are detected only when the tumor cells have already spread to other organs,” states National health information portal.
  • The earlier lung cancer is detected, the higher the rate hope for successfully healing.
  • Between main symptoms of lung cancer include: persistent unrelenting cough, shortness of breath, admixture of blood in coughed up mucus, weight loss, fatigue or fever.

“About five thousand patients die of lung cancer every year,” says pulmonologist Libor Havel from Pulmonary clinics of the 1st Faculty of Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine of Thomayer Hospital.

Even in the case of Zorka, no one can determine exactly how long she will be here. So that her husband Michal could be her support and live with her the remaining moments of her life, he decided to quit his job. The spouses are therefore completely without income, which is not financially sustainable in the long term.

Last wish: To be together

“Michal and Zorka are two people who love each other very much. But their wish to be together now depends on finances. They don’t have much time left. Every financial donation will help them not to think about ordinary worries. In such moments of life, you need to live only in the present moment, free your mind from stress and allow reconciliation to take place,” thinks Eva Minaříková, a mutual friend of the couple, who is trying to help the couple financially through collections on Donio.

The money raised will be used to cover all the usual things that need to be paid for now.

However, Michal is very well aware that if he were to stay in his job, there is a risk that he will not stand by his wife’s side in crucial moments. And even though he and the others are praying for a miracle to happen and Zorka to recover, it is necessary to think of the worst.

Among other things, he also realizes the need to secure money for the last farewell. He intends to donate the extra funds to other collections for people on Donio.

The first symptom described by most patients with ovarian cancer is an increase in the volume of the abdomen, the so-called little skirt syndrome

Tight skirt syndrome: An insidious type of cancer can hide behind a swollen belly

In recent days, Zorce has become more physically demanding and it was necessary to add pain medication. “Zorka is now in the so-called end-of-life home, where she receives first-class care. She has wonderful nurses and doctors. It looks like home there and Michal can be with her,” added the founder of the collection.

Reconciliation and respect for life

Eva Minaříková not only sent a message to her friends through the collection that they are not alone in a difficult period of their lives.

“Enjoy the smallest details of being. Enjoy your love, every smile, every hug, every morning together, every bite of food, the singing of birds, the smell of flowers, the sun and the rain, the music you love. Every moment without pain, and all this with the knowledge that you have people around you who sincerely love you,” wrote a long-time friend of the Šebkovs.

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