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Yáñez with a departure date, a forced change of the director of the PDI and a General Iturriaga in the crosshairs: the internal shake-up in the police and the Army in the midst of a security crisis

The death of conscript Franco Vargas, while he was completing his Military Service in Putre, in the Arica Region, opened an unexpected crisis within the Army and that today has the commander in chief of the institution, Javier Iturriaga, in the sights of La Moneda and a part of the ruling party.

The case originated on April 27, the day of the young soldier’s death. However, it was not until this week that the situation escalated, causing Defense Minister Maya Fernández to privately question the country’s handling of the crisis. of the Army and that, in addition, President Gabriel Boric himself summoned him to a meeting for May 10 in the Palace.

“The young people who serve the country are under the care of the Chilean Army and have to be treated with dignity,” said Boric, which set off more than one alarm among the military world. Those same sources consulted also warn that Iturriaga’s signal, proposing the retirement of the head of Division VI, General Rubén Castillo, shows that the problem could escalate, with the consequences still being uncertain.

Within the Army, they explain, the climate is one of uncertainty. Not everyone knows what happened, what is real and what is false, if they lied intentionally or if it was just a -bad- way of communicating facts. Since none of this has yet been answered, and the government has questioned the conduct of the crisis, even more questions and resentments arise about what may happen to the leadership.

Pressure from Congress has been another factor. “The Army has not acted with the honor it deserves. (…) (They have acted) with practices typical of authoritarian regimes, of the dictatorship, in the military service that young people in our country are performing today. (…) I would hope that the President would dismiss General Iturriaga. If not, I am going to gather signatures for a constitutional accusation,” said the deputy. Felix Gonzalezof the Green Ecologist Party, which is not part of the government alliance.

Among the possible allies that González could count on, names such as Mónica Arce, Ana María Gazmuri, Pamela Jiles, René Alinco or Hernán Palma.

Meanwhile, the Broad Front, President Boric’s base coalition, completely ruled out the idea of ​​an accusatory libel against Iturriaga. Despite this, the president of the House Human Rights Commission, Lorena Fries (CS), stated that “obviously one of the possibilities is to demand that he step aside”.

At the same time, the deputy Gonzalo Winter (CS) requested the creation of an investigative commission that addresses the case of Franco Vargas.

Another of the voices that joined the request for Iturriaga’s resignation was the senator, and president of the Human Rights commission of the Upper House, Fabiola Campillai, who, after meeting with Vargas’ family, outlined: “I request the discharge of the commander in chief of the Army. He is the one who has to leave because he has not known how to lead his Army.”

Although they are different cases, both in their origin and in their current procedural status, there are those who propose that it is not the best scenario for the Army, since they take as a reference that Carabineros It has already succumbed to public pressure and its general director, Ricardo Yáñez, had one foot outside the institution and now has a departure date, before its formalization in October.

Both the Army and the Carabineros have played a fundamental role in controlling the security crisis. The military is deployed, both in the north and in the south: at the first point to control illegal migratory traffic and in La Araucanía to comply with a prolonged state of exception. Besides, Interior came to evaluate its deployment in critical areas for the Metropolitan Region.

The role of the military forces in the area has brought good results to contain an always latent crisis: between January and April, the crimes linked to rural violence decreased by 35%compared to the same period in 2023.

However, that does not appease the crisis, since the latest events related to the murder of three police officers in Cañete threw all good prognoses into the trash.

Something similar happens in Carabineros. The case of General Yáñez –investigated for the omissive crime of illegitimate coercion in the social outbreak – occurred in the midst of containing the increase in homicides, the deployment to confront violence in stadiums and violent robberies.

The PDI experienced an equally complex scenario. In March, the institution faced the departure of its director, Sergio Muñoz, for providing confidential information about cases to lawyer Luis Hermosila.

The detective was formalized and even spent more than a month and a half in preventive detention for the crime of violation of secrecy. His judicial situation forced the government to ask for his resignation and to appoint another general director, in this case, Eduardo Cerna.

Cerna today tries to lay the foundations for his management and for this reason he made important changes in command, also in the midst of a demanding contingency: the PDI investigates cases of extreme complexity, such as, for example, the kidnapping and homicide of the Venezuelan lieutenant (R) , Ronald Ojeda.

For him former Undersecretary of the Interior, Felipe Harboe, “It is highly inconvenient that we have permanent instability in these institutions of the Republic. It is key to the correct application of security and defense measures that the commanders have peace of mind to exercise, because this allows the objectives and missions given to them by the civil authority to be met.”

Along the same lines, he added that the “excessive” parliamentary pressures that ask for the departure of General Iturriaga are of no help. “The reason and aesthetics of the parliamentarians’ language have been lost by wanting to generate permanent crises. That is not acceptable, much less trying to manipulate the position of commander in chief. “Institutions have to be strengthened and not weakened,” he indicated.

For the lawyer Juan Carlos ManriquezMeanwhile, “they are situations that alter the normal course of administrative processes, as well as internal processes, however, they are three different situations. Each one must be ruled on its merit, separately.”

However, he warns that “the conscript’s case being seen by the president of the Court Martial is a good sign, that he move calmly in the first steps to know the facts and their legal framework, and then make other decisions.” Otherwise, if each of these situations is interspersed, the progress of the institutions and the country becomes more complex.”

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