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Xabi Alonso remains calm against Eintracht despite suspension |

Bayer coach Xabi Alonso has to watch from the stands at the away game in Frankfurt. Especially in a place where the people of Leverkusen don’t have any good memories. Will the Werkself’s streak really end in the Waldstadion?

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Leverkusen beats Rome and waits for Frankfurt

Bayer Leverkusen's successful coach Xabi Alonso will remain with the club until after the end of the season.

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Master coach Xabi Alonso remains calm despite his yellow card suspension in the league game with Bayer Leverkusen on Sunday in the Waldstadion against Eintracht Frankfurt (5.30 p.m.). “Sometimes you just have to be quiet and not say anything. That’s just the situation for Sunday,” he said on Friday morning after the 2-0 win in the first leg of the Europa League semi-final at AS Roma.

“I hope it won’t be a problem and won’t have an impact on the team,” said Alonso, who is represented by his assistants Sebastian Parrilla and Alberto Encinas Pozo: “It’s clear what we want. The players are intelligent and know What they do on the pitch I’m allowed to join the team for the tactical discussion before the game and at half-time. And Sebastian and Alberto are on the bench to control everything.

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Information about the yellow suspension

In the case of a yellow card suspension, like the one Xabi Alonso had to serve in Frankfurt, a coach is allowed to join the team in the dressing room during half-time. He is only not allowed to sit on the bench during the game. Only if a red card is suspended is he not allowed to be indoors from 30 minutes before to 30 minutes after the encounter.

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How high is “the impact”?

Although he will “miss the direct impact on the players”, the view from the stands is better. And, curiously: Alonso and Parilla were allowed to practice under different circumstances in Rome, because after a red card in the quarter-final second leg at West Ham United, the assistant was banned from the stands on Thursday. “That was a bit of a test,” Alonso said with a laugh.

Either way, the series should hold on Sunday. The main goal of Leverkusen is to survive the entire season without defeat, but they have always lost in Frankfurt in the last five years. In the last two years with 2:5 and 1:5, the latter was the second game under Alonso’s management.

Fjörtoft believes in Eintracht victory

Which is why Eintracht legend Jan-Aage Fjörtoft, among others, believes that Eintracht’s series will end on Sunday. Addressing the Bayer team, the Norwegian wrote on “X” (formerly Twitter): “Your run without defeat will end on Sunday.”

Alonso also emphasized before the game in the Waldstadion: “It’s never easy to play in Frankfurt. He knows that everyone really wants to beat his team. “But we want to stay unbeaten. We know that it’s getting more difficult every week,” said Alonso. “But the goal is big.”

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