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With one foot in the government and another in the campaign: the Executive advisors who participate in the official electoral crusade

This Tuesday, Pedro Huichalaf, vice president of indigenous matters of the PPD, requested half an administrative day at the Ministry of Defense. The purpose? Can attend without inconvenience the meeting held during working hours by the communications subteam of the “Contigo Chile Mejor” pactwhich make up the 10 parties of the ruling party and the Christian Democrats.

Being an executive officer, Huichalaf is subject to the opinion issued by the Comptroller’s Office General of the Republic, who regulates the participation of said representatives in electoral campaigns.

For this reason, this Tuesday the leader of the PPD – advisor to the head of the Division of Technological and Industrial Development in Cybersecurity and Cyberdefenseled by Yerko Benavides – tried to avoid major problems by requesting said permit.

Apart from the performance of the position, the authorities, headquarters and officials -with the exceptions specified in the aforementioned official letter-, in their capacity as citizens, are authorized to exercise political rights enshrined in article 13 of the Fundamental Charter, being able to freely express their opinions on political matters and carry out activities of that nature, as long as they carry them out outside of work hours and with their own resources.“says the document from the controlling body that was cited in a letter from the Ministry of the Interior during April and that was shared with the rest of the Executive departments.

The former undersecretary of Telecommunications, in fact, He has been one of the many leaders who has been in favor of requesting that the coordination meetings of the different campaign teams of the pact be held in the afternoon, outside of working hours..

In fact, as a member of his party’s leadership, Huechulaf has attended after his work day campaign activities of the PPD candidates in areas like Florida and Puchuncavi.

At the same time, for this same reason, has had to reject invitations to electoral milestones of mayoral candidates like the letter that his party has in Cartagena. Huechulaf also went to the ruling party’s campaign launch on Friday, May 10 – as reported on his social networks – although those around him claim that he took advantage of his snack time.

Some within his party pay attention to his attendance at meetings during working hours as a member of its board, such as the one the PPD had this week with the PS.

When consulted at the Undersecretariat of Defense, they responded to La Tercera that they will open an administrative summary to review the issue: “In light of the participation of an official of the Undersecretariat in campaign activities, a summary process was instructed to determine possible responsibilities and the measures that may correspond.”.

Beyond this, holding coordination meetings outside of work days has been assumed within the campaign teams.. For example, the communications group that makes up Huechulaf will meet again this Thursday afternoon.

Outside of working hours he has also worked in the other working groups of the ruling party and the DC, such as contents of the municipal program. This space has met in the afternoons and is made up of other Executive officials, a characteristic shared, in total, by at least four leaders.

In content, for example, Social Convergence nominated Beatriz Roquemember of the party leadership and advisor to Ignacio Achurra (CS) in the Social Organizations Division of Segegob. Previously, the Broad Front worked in the Presidency and in Irina Karamanos’ team.

Plus, it’s also in that space Matias Peraltaa member of the Democratic Revolution who, within the government, works in the division of municipalitieswhich belongs to the Undersecretary of Regional Development (Subdere) who leads Francisca Perales (CS).

The Subdere also has another of its officials involved in the ruling party’s municipal campaign. Is about Martina Valenzuelawhom his community, the Communist Party, nominated to join the team of territorial deployment of the electoral crusade, which will have its first meeting next Monday at 9:00 p.m.

Valenzuela, yes, it is head of the Regional Development division of the Subdere and he has had to attend other coordination meetings on behalf of the PC, such as the time he replaced Soledad Concha on the content team.

When asked about the participation of their officials in the ruling party’s campaign work, from the Subdere they responded to La Tercera the next: “Both, and like all public officials, are subject to the instructions issued by the Comptroller General of the Republic and reinforced by the Ministry of the Interior and Public Security, regarding elections.”.

From the SegegobMeanwhile, they indicated that “we have been clear, all government officials must adhere to the instructions given by the Comptroller General of the Republic, on the occasion of the upcoming elections on Sunday, June 9” and that “the “The official in question does not have paid work in her party, and as a public official she must comply with the obligations indicated by the Comptroller’s Office.”

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