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Who is the man who shot Fico: The amateur poet who was beaten in a supermarket

The shooter was arrested by the police immediately after he fired several shots at Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico from a legally held pistol in Handlová on Wednesday afternoon. Slovak media quickly identified him as seventy-one-year-old Juraj Cintula from Levice. The diary provides an overview of important available information about him.

Detention of the attacker who shot Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico.

| Photo: Profimedia

You can find coverage of the assassination of Robert Fico together HERE.

Police have already filed charges
The Slovak police informed the man of the charges on Thursday morning from attempted premeditated murder of a protected person. He faces 25 years to life in prison, he reported website Plus one day.

Bratislava at night a few hours after the assassination of Prime Minister Robert Fico.

Fico fought for his life, Slovakia played hockey. People’s lack of interest sometimes shocked

An amateur poet led the association
Web Plus one day He described Juraj Cintula as an amateur poet who described himself on social networks as a writer, poet and malcontent. In 2005, he participated in the founding of the Rainbow Literary Club in Levice. The president of the club, Mária Cibulová, said on social media on Thursday morning that the man had not participated in the association’s activities since 2019 and now the association has expelled him from its ranks. “Literary club Duha categorically distances itself from the behavior, opinions and actions of Juraj C. We are extremely outraged by his brutal act as well as connecting it with the activities of our club,” wrote Cibulová in a club statement. Conservative website he added that the Duha club has nothing to do with the movement to support sexual minorities, as some people began to claim on social networks due to the association’s name.

He worked in a security agency, he was beaten up in a supermarket
The man was apparently affected by an experience at the workplace in 2016. Incident described Markíza TV. Cintula said then that a young man and his partner came to the store in the early evening. “He was drugged. He started throwing chickens off the counter onto the floor, then juggling them,” he told television at the time. He first tried to talk the troublemaker out of the way and then wanted to take him out. However, the young man attacked him with fists and kicks. Novy Čas newspaper recalled that Cintula then published a petition against violence and tried to start a political movement of the same name, which he promoted with several videos on his YouTube channel.

He sympathized with the pro-Russian group
Hungarian journalist Szabolcs Panyi on social network X pointed out that the shooter was supposed to participate in the events of the Slovenský branci association, which he described as a pro-Russian paramilitary organization. “This connection is a fact. However, this does not mean that the Russians must necessarily be behind the assassination. There are many details we don’t know yet,” Panyi wrote. The website clarified that the organization ceased operations two years ago, and the images in which the later shooter appears among men in camouflage come again from 2016. It confirms that Cintula praised them then. “Their primary task is the protection of the population, the country, traditions and culture, they are patriots. I trust these young boys and girls and express my public support for them,” the paper quotes a man’s statement from the time on the social network.

Detention of the attacker who shot Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico.

Overview: What is known so far about the assassination of Prime Minister Robert Fico

He went to anti-government demonstrations
Radio Free Europe editor Mark Krutov found the later shooter in the pictures in the crowd at one of the demonstrations held in Bratislava on February 7 by the Slovak parliamentary opposition against the plans Fico’s government on abolition of the special prosecutor’s office and reducing penalties for corruption, for example. The leader of the opposition movement Progresívne Slovensko Michal Šimečka condemned the assassination of the prime minister and denied that the shooter was a member of the movement or had anything to do with it. Hospodárske noviny reported.

He was also at another protest
Markíza Television found Juraj Cintula on footage of a group of protesters who had gathered during the previous meeting of the Slovak government in Dolní Krupka on April 24. A small group shouted slogans such as Long live Ukraine, Traitors and Enough of Fica. They also had banners expressing support for Slovak public service media.

He wrote against the Roma
Some Slovak media looked at the collections that Cintula published. Diary N pointed out to the book of Ephesus. “There have never been so many reckless Gypsies as today in Europe. They know well how to use the social systems of the states. They don’t solve the problem, they just graze on it,” wrote Cintula in 2015.

Source: Youtube

The act shocked the son and the neighbors
The website spoke with the son the accused. “I have absolutely no idea what father intended, what he planned and why it happened. Maybe there was some short circuit, I have no idea. The father is of a more forceful nature, yes, but he definitely didn’t go to psychiatry or anything like that,” the son told the website.

He confirmed that his father had a legal gun. But he denied ever talking about the intention to eliminate the politician. “As for Robert Fico – he didn’t vote for him. I can’t say more about it,” added the son.

The shooter’s neighbors were also shocked. “He was a pleasant retiree. I didn’t see any signs of strange behavior on him, but you can’t see into anyone’s head. I knew he wrote poems. I saw him recently with his wife as a retired couple. They went for walks and shopping,” the janitor told Nové Cás from the apartment building where Cintula lived.

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