“Becherovka, myslevec, vodka,” Adam Uhlár commented on the special offer during the match played on Wednesday, May 15 from 4:20 p.m. Fewer guests arrived than on weekend days or evening matches, but there was still a lot of cheering in May.

“The World Cup is a special event, and especially for home matches, we try to make our guests feel good,” said the operator of the establishment, adding that in addition to “ordinary” vodka, he already served free bourbon or even whiskey to celebrate Czech goals. Another attraction for hockey fans there is a 4+1 free beer event in May.

Ostrava arena or Ostrava arena?  At the Ice Hockey World Cup, it is necessary to present the Ostrava hall in a different way

Ostrava arena or Ostrava arena? The Vítkovice Hall changed its name during the WC

Not to mention the decoration of the beer hall, which has the form of Czech flags on almost every pillar of this establishment in the housing complex at Vančurová street 40. The staff stuck smaller Czech and Slovak flags into coaster holders on the tables. He hung the biggest one on the walls.

However, the main attraction of the regulars here is the HD projection of live broadcasts in the three by two meter format. Hockey it is also tuned on two more compact televisions, and the operator installed the third one outside in the garden. “We somehow have it synchronized so that the sound does not overtake us, and that the atmosphere is as good as possible,” Uhlár described.

Excellent atmosphere

He called the first two Czech matches great and the mood in the beer hall matched that. “It was full. Overall, we are looking forward to the attendance,” he noted. During a duel Czech Republic – Finland with the result 1:0 the stamper didn’t drink much, but in a 6-3 win over Norway that was different. A scarf with the inscription “Czech Republic, do toho!”, which hangs above the corridor to the toilets, also encourages cheering.

Loss 1:2 with the Swiss of course it hurt. And at the end of the first period, the guests in May were also scratching their heads Wednesday’s fight with the Danes, who managed to score in the power play. “Seven seconds before the end, our goal was scored and I could pour,” rejoiced the operator of the Novojičín pub.

On Saturday, fans had fun at various places in Prague

Asterix from Moravia also arrived. Hockey fans had fun not only at the winter stadium

On the days of the championship, he introduced an appropriate dress code in the company in the form of T-shirts with the slogan “Czech Republic, we score!”

The match between Czech Republic and Denmark marked a record in the number of shots poured in May. Both the boss and the fans wish for everything to continue in a similar vein.