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Weather: Scandinavian cold has Hesse firmly under control |

Anyone hoping for sun and warmth in spring will be disappointed: April will be cold – thanks to icy air from Scandinavia. A reversal could only happen in a week at the earliest.

Heating, wool blankets and winter jackets are celebrating their comeback in Hesse these days: after a… summer interlude The temperatures have plummeted and, together with rain, are causing uncomfortable weather in the country. In Weilburg, mulled wine and children’s punch are served again at the spring market on the weekend. Given the weather forecast, this seems to be the right decision.

“A new surge of cold air is coming to us from Scandinavia,” explains hr meteorologist Michael Köckritz. This is accompanied by rain, sleet and, at higher altitudes, even snow. “It appears that this will continue well into next week,” said Köckritz.

Night frost is coming back

The changeable, rainy weather is actually normal for April. The problem is the sharp drop in temperature. It went from up to 27 degrees to currently around 10 degrees. “If we had only had 16 or 17 degrees before, the 10 degrees wouldn’t seem so bad to us now,” says the hr weather expert.

The hypothermic April even brings frost again in Hesse. On the nights of Monday and Tuesday it could get as cold as -5 degrees in regions, predicts Köckritz. For the garden this means: Sensitive plants should be protected or, ideally, not planted in the bed at all become.

Snow in the low mountain ranges

Snow can also be observed again in Hesse at the weekend – but especially in the low mountain ranges. “From a height of 500 meters it can become sugary,” says Köckritz. You could even unpack the sleigh again, but you would have to climb to at least 700 meters to do so. “But the snow is no longer as dry as it was in midwinter, it collapses and thaws,” explains the meteorologist.

Anyone traveling by car should be more careful in the cold temperatures. hr meteorologist Köckritz does not expect black ice to become a major problem again. But: “If you really think about it, you should actually put winter tires on again.”

Only warmer again from the end of April

The question remains: When will it be springy and warm again? Temperatures could increase slightly towards the last weekend in April. Michael Köckritz is piling low: “I don’t see 20 degrees. If it gets to 15, we should count ourselves lucky.”

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Broadcast: hr television, all weather!, April 19, 2024, 7:15 p.m

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