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Weather in Hesse: showers, thunderstorms and heavy rain possible |

The perfect sunny weather is now over – at least in the southwest. Some heavy showers and thunderstorms are approaching. This leads to a mixed phase.

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“All weather!” from May 13, 2024

Animated frog "Fridolin" in the opening credits of the hr weather program "all weather!"

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A warm holiday weekend with lots of sunshine is behind us, but something more changeable Weather in front of us: Already moved on Monday Rain and partly lightning and thunder across Hesse. The local temperatures brought a drop Thunderstorm but not with it, this Tuesday the air warms up to 28 degrees.

hr weather expert Tim Staeger described the overall weather situation in Hesse on Monday as “blocked”. He spoke of a stalemate. A high holds against the influence of drip pressure, said the meteorologist. The border of the areas extends to Hesse.

From summery to springlike

From Wednesday and into Thursday night, the low pressure influence will advance further, the stalemate will break and the rain will make it further to the northeast. The maximum temperatures are then just over 20 degrees.

“We are changing from summer to spring-like levels,” said Staeger, emphasizing that the values ​​are then normal for the time of year and not too cool.

Thunderstorm season from May

The weather will remain changeable with showers and thunderstorms. Staeger explained that the typical thunderstorm season runs from May to August. This is when 90 percent of the thunderstorms occur each year.

“The sun already has enough power in May,” he explained further. “This warms up layers of air close to the ground. Then warm air can rise during the day, triggering showers and thunderstorms.” Another ingredient is moisture.

Weather expert: “It won’t be trouble-free”

During and on the Pentecost weekend, temperatures are expected to continue to be mixed with temperatures around 20 degrees, “but the weather may calm down, that’s still unclear, but it probably won’t be problem-free,” Staeger continued on Monday. Anyone planning a bike ride or other outdoor activity should look up at the sky more often.

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Broadcast: hr- Fernsehen, all weather!, May 13th, 2024, 7:15 p.m

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