The last two derbies ended without goals, but this match had a difference to the past one advantage, he had fun. “I think that overall it was an attractive duel, a big match with everything. The paradox is that not a single goal was scored from the great chances on both sides. It was played at a high intensity with a lot of fights,” stated Jindřich Trpišovský.

Sparta coach Brian Priske

We are close, but it is not over yet, Sparta coach Priske knows after the derby with Slavia

“We entered the match a little better, but in the middle of the first half, after a chance when the ball went behind the defense, we lost a little ground under our feet for ten minutes. Jindra Staněk kept us there with great saves. I think that in the second half, we played very dangerously, unfortunately we did not convert even one of the approximately four goals. Unfortunately, we didn’t score a goal even in the final pressure, when we had two great opportunities, but Vindahl caught them both,” he assessed after the match.

Derby without a winner

All three derbies this season ended without a winner. This is also the reason why the Slavists lag behind their arch-rival. They cannot win the most important games in the league this year. “It’s a problem because to win the title we have to beat Sparta and Pilsen. That is one of the reasons why we are now four points behind. If we don’t beat Sparta in the derby, we can’t count on first place,” emphasized Tomáš Holeš, the mainstay of the stitched team.

Matěj Jurásek from Slavia and Spartan Matěj Ryneš in the Prague derby

The Prague S derby ended in a goalless draw. Sparta finished at ten

“After the expulsion of Haraslín, it was practically one goal away. We created three, maybe four big chances. Unfortunately, we didn’t convert them, and if we had taken a 1-0 lead, I think we would have won at Sparta,” Holeš shook his head during an interview with journalists.