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Instead of a hernia,...

A medical miracle, that's what the story of a seventy-six-year-old patient who came...
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We are promoting the launch of the animated film Captain Avispa by Juan Luis Guerra in Puerto Rico

As part of the promotion of the animated film Captain Waspcreated by Juan Luis Guerra and produced by Guerratoons, Burger King Puerto Rico and its agency De La Cruz Ogilvy designed a campaign including 10, 15 and 30 seconds spots, pieces for OOH, radio, press, and social networks. The film debuted on April 11 on the island.

In addition, they decorated Burger King’s branch in Plaza Río with the characters and the film colors, transforming it into a kind of Wasptropolis. The remaining 159 Burger King restaurants on the island are handing out lunch boxes and the seven toys inspired by the movie.


“We have been working with the BK corporation for many years regarding children’s licenses, including lunch boxes. The Caribbean Cinema team, who have been our business partners for many years, came in March last year and told us about the opportunity of the animated film with Juan Luis Guerra and the possibility of sponsoring it in Puerto Rico,” said Daniel Pérez del Valle , VP of Marketing at Burger King Puerto Rico.

“We saw the opportunity to replace one of the corporation licenses and use one with Juan Luis Guerra,” Pérez said. They met several times with Burger King, as well as with some of the partners in the project -Caribbean Cinema and Spanglish Movies-, to explain the project’s relevance and authorize them to replace a license for Captain Wasp.

“The license covers seven toys, a stuffed animal with a Captain Wasp strap, three printed bags, and three sticker books,” Pérez commented.

They were so encouraged because the film has a great cast with stars like Luis Fonsi in the voice of Captain Avispa. “This is a film capable of competing with the great animated films,” he said.

I have highlighted the contribution of Caribbean Cinema, Gustavo Aparicio, and Spanglish Movies for the crystallization of the initiative.

“We are very excited to team up with Spanglish Movies – the support and collaboration of Gustavo (Aparicio) has been spectacular -, the maestro Juan Luis Guerra and his dream of Capitán Avispa at the launch in Puerto Rico. This film promises a great message for families, and the Captain Avispa lunch boxes offer all children the opportunity to collect the themes of the film and their favorite characters,” Pérez concluded.

Lunch boxes, toys, and sticker books inspired by the movie

Lunch boxes, toys, and sticker books inspired by the movie


“Burger King Puerto Rico’s collaboration with Captain Wasp It is a stroke of genius in marketing. By aligning their brand with this heartwarming and action-packed film, they created a perfect combination that resonates deeply with Latino families across the island. The film’s themes of bravery, perseverance, and the importance of family unity strike similar chords with the cultural values ​​that Puerto Rican families hold dear. Burger King’s promotion not only offers an entertaining experience but also celebrates the rich traditions and bonds that make Latino families so special. With its finger on the pulse of its target audience, Burger King Puerto Rico created a campaign that transcends mere advertising,” commented Gustavo Aparicio, CEO of Spanglish Movies.

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