“I think we played a good first half where we controlled the game and created a lot of chances. We should have taken the lead. Then came the red card, which complicated the game for us. In the final half hour came more stress and emotion in general. However, I am proud of the way the players played the rest of the game,” he praised his players.

However, the dismissal of Lukáš Haraslín in the 63rd minute did not give him too much joy. It was already the tenth red card for the team from Letná this season.

“It happened at the corner flag in the opponent’s half, where we were not in any danger. I know that Lukáš had to make a decision quickly, but he has to be more careful in similar moments,” says Priske.

The celebrants in Sparta did not use the power play and got a point.

Sparta lost a point against Slavia and is closer to the title. Win for Pilsen and Boleslav

“Our carded players could have handled some situations better, maybe they should have kept a little more calm. On the other hand, I see a lot of fights and situations with hard tackles against our team throughout the season. For example, look at the last two matches of our reserve. The protection of players, and especially the young ones, is essentially non-existent. I know the commission is already hearing some cases, so I’m hoping for some reasonable judgement. Specifically, the case of Roman Horák is a big problem, as his entire career is at risk,” he continues and reminds Brutal foul by Matoušek from Kroměříž to players of the Spartan B team.

The 311th Prague S derby will be played on Saturday from 5:30 p.m. at Letná.

Frýdek would take Ševčík, Šenkeřík then Haraslín. Everyone believes in their own derby

But back to the big derby… Priske was pleased that his team played a good match, which was true even after the aforementioned suspension. A draw is a good result for Sparta, given their four-point lead over Slavia.

“I wouldn’t say that a draw is a victory for us. Considering the course of the match, this is probably the best possible result we could have achieved. We always take it as a draw as the second best possible result. That’s why we went for victory today as well, which, in my opinion, proved to be the case. Until the elimination, we were the better team and created more chances. After that, it was mainly about the will and fighting spirit of the entire team,” added the Danish coach.

Dukla footballers and their fans enjoyed a lot of joy this season.  If they win against Prostějov on Sunday afternoon, their joy will be even greater, because they will return to the top competition.

Prague football at the weekend: Who, when, where and with whom?