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watch games broadcast live on TV

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Brazilian football promises many emotions for fans with one more round of state and regional championships this weekend and fans will be able to watch the games of the main competitions on TV. Globo, the main broadcaster in the country, promises to show three matches live.

Owner of the rights to broadcast the championships from Rio Grande do Sul, Minas Gerais and Santa Catarina this season, Globo will air this Saturday (21), at 4:30 pm (Brasília time), respectively, Caxias x Grêmio (for RS), Atlético-MG x Caldense (for MG) and Figueirense x Joinville (for SC).

Also on Saturday, SBT broadcasts two games from the first round of the group stage of the Copa do Nordeste: Vitória x Santa Cruz and Fortaleza x Campinense, both at 5:30 pm (Brasília time).

Record shows for all of Brazil (except RJ) on Sunday (22), the classic Palmeiras x São Paulo, at 4 pm, while the day before it shows the duel Confiança x Gloriense, for the Sergipe Championship (only for SE), at 4 pm.

Finally, Band, owner of the Cariocão 2023 rights, shows two matches from the Rio de Janeiro competition. On Saturday, Flamengo x Nova Iguaçu, at 4 pm, and, on Sunday, Madureira x Fluminense, at 6 pm.

In addition to Carioca, Band also broadcasts Alagoano (Coruripe x CSE) on Saturday, at 4 pm, and the Potiguar Championship (Potiguar x Potyguar) on Sunday, also at 4 pm.

Globo Games

01/21 (Saturday) – Atlético-MG x Caldense – 4:30 pm – Campeonato Mineiro

01/21 (Saturday) – Caxias x Grêmio – 4:30 pm – Gaucho Championship

01/21 (Saturday) – Figueirense x Joinville – 4:30 pm – Santa Catarina Championship

SBT games

01/21 (Saturday) – Vitória x Santa Cruz – 5:30 pm – Northeast Cup

01/21 (Saturday) – Fortaleza x Campinense – 5:30 pm – Northeast Cup

band games

01/21 (Saturday) – Flamengo x Nova Iguaçu – 4 pm – Campeonato Carioca

01/21 (Saturday) – Coruripe x CSE – 4 pm – Alagoas Championship

01/22 (Sunday) – Madureira x Fluminense – 6 pm – Campeonato Carioca

01/22 (Sunday) – Potiguar x Potyguar – 4 pm – Potiguar Championship

record games

01/21 (Saturday) – Confiança x Gloriense – 4 pm – Sergipe Championship

01/22 (Sunday) – Palmeiras x São Paulo – 4 pm – Campeonato Paulista

After three seasons without the main competition of clubs in South America, Globo won the competition with SBT and recovered the rights to show the liberators for the next four years.

Transmissions in the international competition begin in February, with games between Atlético-MG and Fortaleza in the second phase of the competition (pre-liberators).

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