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Watch: DSP Media’s New Girl Group YOUNG POSSE Announces Debut Date With Catchy Teaser

DSP Media’s brand-new girl group YOUNG POSSE is all set for their debut in October!

On September 19, YOUNG POSSE unveiled their debut trailer, announcing their debut date as October 18.

YOUNG POSSE is a five-member girl group jointly produced by DSP Media and BEATS Entertainment. Their name YOUNG POSSE draws inspiration from the Latin word “POSSE,” meaning “can” or “to be able,” and symbolizes “a gathering of young individuals with a purpose.” Their name embodies the spirited and unwavering determination that underscores the importance of unity and collective strength to achieve their goals, emphasizing “we” over “I.”

The debut trailer kicks off with a whimsical scene featuring a green frog sipping a drink. Next, an eye-catching shop with a prominent “YOUNG POSSE” sign emerges, accompanied by character illustrations of the five members excitedly riding skateboards. Notably, a sign displaying their debut date, “20231018” (October 18, 2023), is shown along with an infectious beat that offers a captivating preview of the group’s upcoming music.

Much like the mischievous green frog, which carries cultural connotations of naughtiness or defiance in Korea, YOUNG POSSE is determined to bring their distinctive and playful charm to the K-pop scene, breaking free from the traditional mold with their music and performances.

Catch the quirky teaser below!

Also check out YOUNG POSSE’s social media accounts below!

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