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Villefranche-de-Lauragais: clothes at low prices in this second-hand shop

Since Tuesday, January 3, Soumia has been welcoming its customers (with a smile) to its second-hand clothing store located on Impasse Voltaire.
Since Tuesday, January 3, Soumia has been welcoming its customers (with a smile) to its second-hand clothing store located on Impasse Voltaire. (©Paul Halbedel – Voice of the South Lauragais)

This is an increasingly popular practice. Tuesday, January 3, Shopping Impassea second hand clothing storeopened its doors at Villefranche-de-Lauragais. A first in the town.

“There were already shops that did consignment sales. But here, it’s a completely different concept,” says Soumia that we find behind the counter of this store installed in n° 12 of the impasse Voltaire.

40 to 70% reduction compared to the price of new

What makes this new business special is that it is focused solely on the sale of second-hand items. “I select them myself, mainly from different suppliers or wholesalers that I work with and then put them on sale in my shop at prices reduced by 40 to 70% compared to the price of new,” says Soumia. Before explaining his approach:

I really work on different axes to find these clothes while carrying out a very specific sorting to only offer good quality items. Some have already been worn, for others this is not the case. Because when we talk about second-hand clothes, these are clothes that have belonged to someone else before, but which have not necessarily been worn.

Herself a second-hand enthusiast

After one ten-year career in the clothing business, Soumia decided to take the plunge by opening her own shop. “I’ve worked in all positions in ready-to-wear: saleswoman, assistant, manager… But opening my own shop has always been a dream “says the trader.

“I myself am a second hand enthusiast. Those are products which we do not often see the difference with the new, except for the price. This allows me to save money while having a lot of quality clothes and therefore the choice to dress myself. And then there is also a ecological approach. As people often ask me where I can find my clothes, I thought it was time to combine my experience in ready-to-wear with my passion for opening this kind of store here, “explains she.

A shop with a neat interior

For almost a year, while waiting for the transformation of this former bread-making laboratory into a ready-to-wear boutiqueSoumia has therefore matured its project.

In particular, I worked a lot on the layout of the premises. I wanted quality furniture to display the clothes. I absolutely want to offer meticulous services at this level, identical to those found in premium boutiques. Just to break some clichés: it’s not because we offer cheap second-hand that it’s dirty or badly presented.

And the shopkeeper achieved the goal she had set herself thanks to purchases of furniture… second-hand!

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She shares her “discoveries”

Only two weeks after the opening of its store, Soumia currently offers between 1,500 and 2,000 quality pieces at low prices in its sales area of ​​around 50 m2.

“I often say it’s that I opened a physical Vinted. There are shoes, clothes and accessories for women but also for children from 0 to 14 years old, girls and boys. And then there are also jewelrythere may be makeup. It’s a little based on my findings which I then share with customers ! It is also this flexibility and freedom that I appreciate in the second hand”, indicates the young woman, specifying that she does not refrain from developing her offer in the months to come.

As for the prices, they vary of course according to the brands. “As examples, we will be able to find a jacket from the Bash brand at 40 or 50 € whereas it costs between 150 and 200 € when it is new. Jeans that are found new between €25 or €35 at Zara, will be offered here second-hand at €8 or €9”, informs the Villefranche.

Customers with different motivations

And if the savings generated by this kind of purchase is one of the main motivations of its customers, it is not the only one. Since the opening of her store, Soumia has indeed noticed that she has attracted a very diverse clientele.

There are people who don’t have too many means and who are there to find items at reduced prices. But I also have wealthier people who want to be part of an ecological approach by giving a second life to the clothes they buy. What is certain is that the second hand, which has already existed for quite some time in other areas such as video games or telephony, is also becoming more and more trendy in terms of clothing.

“This is particularly the case since the Covid crisis and of course also because of the current economic situation marked by high inflation. Getting dressed remains a basic necessity,” points out Soumia.

Practical information
The Shopping Dead end – 12, impasse Voltaire – 31290 Villefranche-de-Lauragais.
Open Tuesday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. non-stop (timetables subject to change over time)

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