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Villa Bellevue is for sale for one crown, but the only bidder was eliminated from the competition

So far, only one person has signed up, but during the April visit to the premises, he did not want to reveal his identity or his intention, what he intends to do with the object. Due to the fact that the applicant did not meet the conditions of the competition by May 6, he was eliminated. Because of this, the region calls out a public tender repeatedly.

The modern chapel in Nesvačilka will be consecrated.

VIDEO: The unique chapel in Nesvačilka will be consecrated. People have been waiting for her for a hundred years

“After the regional council decided to issue a demolition estimate, a number of organizations, including representatives of the village, contacted us with requests to save the villa. For that reason, the decision to demolish the villa was revoked by the council and the decision to sell it was adopted. At the meeting of the regional council, we then agreed on the intention to sell Villa Bellevue and announce a tender for sale at a minimum price of 3.7 million crowns. This price is basically the price for roughly 4,000 m2 of land that belongs to the villa. The price for the object itself was set at one crown. Only one interested person took part in the April inspection, and due to the fact that he did not want to disclose his identity or the degree of seriousness of his interest in the object, we cannot draw any conclusions from his interest in inspecting the object or specify more closely,” Libor Lesák, a Central Bohemian councilor, told the Kladenské daily in April for the area of ​​investments and property.

Reconstruction will cost tens of millions

Ledečtí also showed interest in the building, but due to their tight budget, they are unable to carry out an expensive renovation for tens of millions of crowns, so they did not sign up to buy it. “We wouldn’t be able to repair the villa with our own resources, but we will still be happy if we manage to preserve it. We also tried to obtain monument protection, but that didn’t work either. According to preservationists, the interior of the building is badly damaged, while during the times of socialism in the 1970s and 1980s many interventions were carried out here, which forever changed the original style,” said the deputy mayor of Ledc, Michaela Žáková.

The entire area in the natural area is still highly valuable precisely for the complex of original spa buildings, which today houses a children’s home, there is also a functioning castle building and a pond managed by fishermen. “As a municipality, we are definitely in favor of the return of primarily social services, such as a home for the elderly,” said the deputy mayor of Ledc, Michaela Žáková.

The last clients left the building fifteen years ago, and since then the building has been deteriorating due to the lack of interest of the owner.The last clients left the building fifteen years ago, and since then the building has been deteriorating due to the lack of interest of the owner.Source: Diary/Kateřina Nič Husárová

According to her, she was shocked by the approach to the interested party, to whom the person conducting the excursion was not able to provide the necessary documents, for example, the sides of engineering networks. I was also surprised by the note regarding the date of posting the plan, the date of opening the envelopes and the conditions. “We met at the villa in mid-April. They only let us in through the front door, and even then the interested party had legitimate concerns that it was not realistic to prepare the project and fulfill the conditions as stipulated by May 6. That’s not how property is sold,” says the deputy mayor.

It became clear on Monday, May 6, that the deadline for the submission of the plan was a gallows for those interested in buying the gallows villa. “Yesterday, bids were evaluated in the public tender for the sale of the Bellevue villa in Ledce. Unfortunately, the only tender that was delivered as part of the tender did not meet the formal requirements, so it had to be rejected. Therefore, the public tender will be re-announced as soon as possible,” she said. spokeswoman for the Central Bohemian Regional Office, Zuzana Žídková.

Alpa in Velké Meziříčí

It was used by Masaryk, the past goes back to Napoleon. Alpa has been on the market for one hundred and eleven years

To this, the deputy mayor of Ledců responded by saying: “I am surprised by the lack of concept and short-sightedness with which the current leadership of the region approaches the problem. I am convinced that if there was a will, a solution would be found,” added the deputy mayor Michaela Žáková, who is also a doctor and as a priority, together with her colleagues in the village management, still prefers the return of some kind of social facility to the villa, for example a home for the elderly. “Everyone who is even slightly interested knows how huge the problem with the aging population is coming and needs to be addressed,” the deputy mayor concluded.

Spa Šternberk

The nature area, built at the time when the estate was owned by the Count of Martinice, was named by this Smečen nobleman after his wife, who came from the Šternberk family. Much older names are recorded in the chronicles, such as Aujezdec, Újezd, Bílý Újezdec or Bílý Újezd. The Šternberský stream flows through the place. There are many state-protected linden avenues around the Šternberk pond and in the surrounding area, which stretch towards Smečno. Even legally protected flowers grow there. In 1789, the village was renamed to Šternberk, and already in 1801, the Clam-Martinic family, who owned towns and estates in the vicinity, had the Šternberk spa with a colonnade established in these places. The people of Prague liked the spa. A number of important personalities were treated there, for example Karel Havlíček Borovský just after his four-year exile in Brixen, philologist Josef Jungmann, historian František Palacký, founder of Sokol Miroslav Tyrš or writer Karolina Světlá.

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