Professional diver Seven meters under water, Ladislav Voříšek reinforces the pillars crushed by the January flood with bucket bags, which he fills with concrete at a great depth. “Our task is to build such a rampart from the big bags, which will then be poured with concrete and strengthen the injected pillars,” he described.

The entire embankment will be around the entire circumference of all the pillars in the Elbe and will be five meters high. The company would like to have the final work done by the end of this week.

The Sky Bridge 721 suspension bridge in the Dolní Morava area is still a popular attraction two years after its opening.  During this time, no other building has managed to exceed its record length

Unconquered for two years. The Czech Sky Bridge still holds the world title

Voříšek works under the surface at temperatures of around 15 degrees Celsius and, in order not to float, he also wears a total of 32 kilograms of weight, including protective elements. “There is a weak current, and no branches or other debris bother me there, I have the biggest problems with peeingI have to go out after four hours,” he laughed.

Tens of minutes under the surface

During that time, it uses an entire ten liter bottle of compressed air. According to him, visibility is between 20 and 30 centimeters for the pillars. “We had to clear it here first of the branches that were brought here by the flood, so that the bags would go to the clean bottom,” said the diver after spending 211 minutes below the surface.

The longest suspension bridge for pedestrians in the world Sky Bridge 721, May 9, 2022, Dolní Morava.  At a height of 95 meters, it crosses the Mlýnské potok valley from the Slamník ridge to the Chlum ridge.

Record holder from the Czech Republic. The longest suspension bridge for pedestrians in the world cost 200 million

According to Voříšek, the fact that the January flood washed away up to five meters of sediment on the bottom is nothing special. He thinks, on the contrary, that no stone has been thrown (simply speaking, a stabilizing element, editor’s note).

“You don’t make fun of the Elbe, that’s just the way it is flood takes away Now we are already on such hard clay with sand,” he concluded.

The suspension bridge is part of the construction of the northeastern bypass of Pardubice, which is worth 1.5 billion crowns and is the largest road contract in the Czech Republic under the Design & Build regime. This means that the company building the bypass is proceeding according to the project that it has prepared.

The fact that she has to invest in concreting the pillars will cost her, according to the information Diary in addition, an unexpected three million crowns. The company has 27 months, i.e. more than two years, to complete the entire road. It is due to end in the spring of 2025.