Architecturally valued, parishioners prayer chapel in Nesvačilka will open for use after consecration. The construction for approximately 24 million crowns was largely paid for by the believers themselves. “We already have a number of weddings scheduled for the chapel. People find it attractive probably also because of its slightly non-standard appearance and the use of natural materials,” said parish priest René Václav Strouhal.

In 2017, the cylindrical, 25-meter-high building won the Wooden Building of the Year award. In the village, about twenty kilometers from Brno, it began to grow slowly ten years ago. “I believe that one day they will have their own chapel, but the local parishioners have been cultivating it since at least 1920, when the Society for the Construction of the Nesvačil Chapel was founded,” said Anežka Benešová, spokeswoman for the Bishopric of Brno.

The chapel attracts attention with its atypical appearance for a church building. “The fir beams, for example, are hand-hewn. In addition, the workers used traditional Gothic tools during production,” said Jan Říčný, the author and architect of the project.

The program of the solemn day of the dedication of the chapel will begin at two o’clock in the afternoon, when a costumed and uniformed procession together with the bishop and priests will set off from the Nesvačila municipal office. The chapel itself has a capacity of 150 seats. Participants who do not fit into this limit will have benches prepared in the vestibule, where they will be able to join the ceremony thanks to the live broadcast.