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Vespa GTS 300: the most powerful wasp dares even on the highway, beauty and style remain

The Italian classic is not limited to small displacements available to everyone with a group B driver’s license. In addition to charm and timeless design, the Vespa GTS 300 offers a good portion of performance. It would be a shame to keep it only in the urban environment – it is perfect for trips and rides.

The condition you need to meet is the possession of an A2 driving licence, which allows you to drive single-wheel machines with a maximum engine power of 35 kW and a power-to-weight ratio of up to 0.2 kW per kilogram. In practice, this means the vast majority of available scooters and, of course, motorbikes as well.

However, after obtaining an a-two, an endless world of freedom and driving pleasure opens up to you – a Vespa GTS 300 is its most stylish representative.

With Vespa, you are not only buying a means of transport, but also an Italian tradition with more than seventy years of history and a fashion accessory that you will uncritically fall in love with. In decent paintwork Beige Avvolgente with shiny chrome details, it is simply irresistible.

The Vespa GTS 300 is 30 kilos heavier

At first glance, you would hardly know that you have a machine in front of you, which can easily accelerate at highway speeds. The tristovka is almost indistinguishable from its smaller relative – the Vespa GTS 125.

Once you’re in it, you’ll notice that it’s a little sturdier in build, and you’ll notice the heavier weight when maneuvering in tight spaces. Compared to the one hundred and twenty, the three hundred is some 30 kilos heavier – it weighs 163 kilograms. Thanks to the low center of gravity, even a fragile girl will not have a problem with handling. For example, you can swing onto the central stand with minimal use of force, the Vespa is so perfectly balanced.

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The front and rear lights are newly LED and equipped with a daytime running light function. It shines brilliantly in the dark, and even normal visibility in traffic doesn’t have to worry you.

Vespa GTS 300 – overview of details:

Source: Youtube

User friendly scooter

In front of you is an instrument panel with a traditional speedometer scale, supplemented by a small display. On it you can check the state of the tank, the temperature of the cooling system, the range and other information. All the data is easy to read, the only reservation I have is the poorer visibility of the indicator light when the blinker is on. It is really fiddly and you have to think particularly carefully about turning off the turn signals.

This year Vespa added a novelty in the form of keyless ignition. You just need to have the key with you, activate the scooter with the wheel and then start it with the button. It is a very convenient solution that facilitates “pre-flight preparation”.

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Practical helpers include a flip-up box under the handlebars, in which you can store small items such as a wallet, sunglasses or a phone – you can also charge it here thanks to the USB slot.

The storage space under the seat is enough for normal shopping – just don’t carry popsicles here, because the heat from the engine would turn them into a cocktail in no time. If you are buying a helmet at the same time as the scooter, try to see if it fits in the seat post.

You will have a problem with a larger model, so choose a smaller one. Under the seat, next to the storage space, there is also a tank opening, so you have to be careful when refueling so that you don’t spill gasoline on the stored things. Under the handlebars you will also find a handy hook for hanging a bag.

A small joystick is used to click through the information displayed on the display.Source: Diary/Viola Procházková

Vespa as strong as a horse

The Vespa GTS 300 is powered by a water-cooled four-stroke single cylinder with a volume of 278 cubic centimeters and a power of 24 horsepower. Such a herd will take care of you in a flash from the spot and will also ensure a very decent flexibility at higher speeds. Overtaking will be a breeze on the roads and you can quickly join traffic at any time.

And what’s really great is that you can even venture onto the highway with this Vespa without any problems. With a small Plexiglas sign, you will face a lot of wind, but you will definitely not hold up traffic. The official maximum speed is 125 kilometers per hour, but even 130 kilometers per hour is not a problem, I even reached 140 kilometers per hour when overtaking. Even with very dynamic driving, the Vespa cannot boast of more than 3.5 liters of gasoline.

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Higher performance requires strong brakes and two 220mm discs from Brembo do their job perfectly. For moments of crisis, they received ABS as well as an anti-skid system ASR, which ensures stable starts or acceleration even on slippery surfaces.

Ready for work and fun

Thanks to the more powerful engine, the three-hundredth is not only a great means of transport, but you can also go on a longer trip with it. The ride itself is as comfortable as it gets with 12-inch wheels. The front hydraulic shock absorber and a pair of rear spring shock absorbers with adjustable preload keep the wheels reliably in contact with the road, and the rider in the saddle will only start shaking on cat heads or deeper potholes. But you can count on that on a scooter. Most of the time you will be traveling like cotton wool and with good tires the Vespa will allow you to lean generously.

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In the city, even this powerful variant loses none of its dexterity and excellent controllability. There’s really no need to worry about the higher weight – after a few kilometers you’ll stop noticing the difference and allow yourself to nimbly zigzag through alleys or traffic jams.

How much will you pay for a Vespa GTS 300?

The recommended retail price of the Vespa GTS 300 is CZK 159,900. It’s not a small amount, but you won’t regret a single crown. In addition to beautiful workmanship, a pleasant balanced ride and a traditional style, you will also enjoy the fact that you have a scooter with a stamp of exceptionality, which is guaranteed not to get lost in the gray of the street.

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