Vasco today has four absences in ‘decision’ in the Brasileirão; look


Vasco likely lineup

Credit: Disclosure/Vasco

Without the presence of the public, Cruzeiro and Vasco face each other this Wednesday (22), at 7pm (Brasília time) at the Mineirão stadium, in Belo Horizonte, in a postponed game from the 33rd round of Series A of the Brazilian Championship. With a sequence of three wins, Cruzmaltino arrives motivated to achieve a good result over the Minas Gerais team.

At the moment, the two teams are tied in number of points. The Cariocas, however, have an advantage in the tiebreaker criteria. Under the command of Ramón Díaz, the squad is optimistic that it will remain in Serie A in 2024.

For tonight’s game, Vasco will have mandatory changes to the lineup. Starting at right-back with the suspension of Paulo Henrique. He was one of those hanging in the last game and he didn’t go unharmed. In his place, the tendency is for Pumita to be the replacement. Among those injured are Erick Marcus, Orellano and De Lucca (medical department).

Striker Rossi, recovered from a muscle injury, could be new to the starting eleven. During this period of Data-Fifa, he worked hard to regain his physical condition.

Vasco’s likely lineup against Cruzeiro is as follows: Léo Jardim, Pumita, Maicon, Medel, Piton, Zé Gabriel, Praxedes, Paulinho, Rossi, Gabriel Pec and Vegetti.

Technical sheet: Cruzeiro x Vasco

Date: Wednesday, November 22nd
Time: 7pm (Brasília time)
Local: Mineirão Stadium, Belo Horizonte (MG)
Referee: Leandro Pedro Vuaden (RS)
Assistants: Michael Stanislau and Maurício Coelho Silva Penna (both from RS)
VAR: Diego Pombo Lopez (BA)
Where to watch: Premiere FC

CRUISE (Coach: Paulo Autuori)
Rafael Cabral; William, Olivera (João Marcelo), Luciano Castán and Marlon; Filipe Machado, Ian Luccas, Nikão and Matheus Pereira; Bruno Rodrigues and Rafael Elias.

VASCO (Coach: Ramón Díaz)
Leo Jardim; Puma Rodríguez (Robson Bambu), Maicon, Medel and Lucas Pithon; Zé Gabriel, Paulinho Paula and Praxedes; Gabriel Pec, Vegetti and Alex Teixeira.

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