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Vampeta sends a message to Abel Ferreira about Palmeiras’ quest for the Brasileirão title

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At the end of the first round, Palmeiras was behind Botafogo by 13 points, in the last rounds they managed to reduce the advantage to 10 points. The “almost impossible” mission is still awaited by fans, but for Vampeta, Abel Ferreira’s quest for the title needs to be observed with caution.

Vampeta gives a message to Abel Ferreira

During the ‘Bate Pronto’ program on Jovem Pan Esportes, the sports commentator began his analysis of Verdão by stating: “Okay, everyone can say what they want at the press conference, but in fact if you take Palmeiras’ situation in recent years in achievements, in financial organization, which can be seen from Corinthians and Palmeiras, the result was fair. He didn’t even see Breno Lopes’ move that missed the goal, if you look at the best moments, Palmeiras have a very strong set piece, always looking for Gustavo Gómez, but the only one who had a one-on-one opportunity was Maycon”.

Regarding the venture in the Brasileirão, Vampeta stated: “If you are the current Brazilian champion and want to chase Botafogo, Botafogo who lost to Flamengo, he had to go in with a thousand more, because then he would have the score, if he wins to try to reduce the Rio de Janeiro against Botafogo. I think the result was fair because there is no lack of desire, but what is missing is football.”

During the press conference, Abel Ferreira was uncomfortable with the draw and stated “we lost two points”. However, he justified his early departure from the field due to the revolt with the refereeing after the attack on Endrick.

Palm trees today

In 2nd place in the Brazilian Championship, Palmeiras will continue training during the FIFA Data to pursue their goals. Thus, Verdão’s next game will be on Friday (15), at 9:30 pm (Brasília time), when they will host Goiás at Allianz Parque.

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