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Vallejo defends himself after leaving as a link in Valparaíso

The government spokesperson minister, Camila Vallejoaddressed this Friday the questions he has received after The Third PM made known that He stopped being a liaison in the Valparaíso Region a month ago, and that he did not inform the authorities of the area.

“This is not the first time that the President of the Republic has appointed a Minister of State as a liaison role. What do liaison ministers do? They support political coordination in the face of emergenciesunderstanding that there is another legal and institutional responsibility in terms of institutionality for the control of emergencies,” he began by explaining.

In that sense, the secretary assured that “That role had a beginning and an end that was communicated on repeated occasions.which was precisely based on the role of supporting political coordination in the territory in the first phase of the emergency and early rehabilitation, until the beginning of the reconstruction process, which materializes with the presentation of the reconstruction plan.

“That is why the duration of these almost two months of connection is longer than in other cases. And there was, therefore, not only a display of support in the coordination of the territorial government agenda, but also in the management, in the progress, in the advance first emergency responsesboth debris removal and the first installations of emergency housing,” he added.

After his departure from that position, he indicated that now those who remain in the territory are “the institutions in charge of both the emergency and reconstruction.” In the case of emergency housing, which corresponds to the early rehabilitation phase, “there is an institution in charge, which is the Senapreddependent on the Undersecretariat of the Interior, and which coordinates with private companies, which are the ones that build and install emergency housing.

Asked if she considered it a “mistake” not to have notified her departure, Vallejo responded that “We never had a milestone in the departure of any liaison minister”. However, he acknowledged that “in these things communication can always be strengthened and especially with local authorities.”

“I believe that a lot of criticism arose, especially from opposition parliamentarians, both with my arrival and with my departure. That has been the role of the opposition, to criticize rather than have a constructive role in this matter.Unfortunately, from parliamentarians who have said that it is even a mistake to dialogue and reach agreements with the government. We have heard it from one parliamentarian in particular,” she launched, alluding to some statements that the deputy issued on Monday Camila Flores (UDI).

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