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Valencia “does not deny or affirm” the Prosecutor’s investigation into possible links between Hezbollah and companies in the Iquique Free Trade Zone

This Wednesday, the national prosecutor, Angel Valenciawas questioned by an investigation by the Public Ministry for possible links of the Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah with companies in the Iquique Free Trade Zone. However, he avoided providing details about it.

“When it comes to an investigation into a matter that is observed by the Public Ministry, The existence of it cannot be affirmed or denied, especially considering when they are serious matters.”, he noted.

According to La Moneda sources, this is an investigation into money laundering which arises as a result of a complaint filed some time ago by the Financial Analysis Unit (UAF). Investigation that could have links with groups with the characteristics of Hezbollah.

Despite refusing to provide details, Valencia emphasized that what was reported is “a matter that is serious, the matter that you know that some investigation related to the Iquique Free Trade Zone that apparently originated, as reported, in reports of the Financial Analysis Unit”.

“The Public Ministry, when it receives reports from the Financial Analysis Unit, has to initiate investigations. But I insist, as a legal duty, we have the duty to maintain confidentiality, even of the existence of these investigations and not only because it is a formal legal duty, but because the best way for an investigation of that nature to prosper is for it to be kept confidential. ”he explained.

The prosecutor who heads the Public Ministry maintained that “it does nothing” to contribute to the success of an investigation of this type if details are aired or “even its existence” is reported. “Consequently, I cannot deny it, nor affirm it. These types of matters are always kept confidential until, for convenience or usefulness of the investigation, they are made public,” Valencia concluded.

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