Usher’s half-time show, Taylor Swift’s boyfriend and Beyoncé tries to break the internet. Takeaways from Super Bowl LVIII


Eight-time Grammy winner Usher kept people guessing right up until the last minute about who he’d have join him on stage during the Super Bowl LVIII half-time show.

There were rumours that Alicia Keys might be one of these people.

Sure enough, Keys made a grand entrance, dressed in red and behind a red piano, belting out her song If I Ain’t Got You before joining Usher for their duet My Boo.

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Rapper, producer and record executive, Jermaine Dupri also joined Usher on stage before singer songwriter H.E.R. took to the stage with an electric guitar.

Usher wrapped up his set with Yeah! And was joined by collaborators on that song Lil Jon and Ludacris.

Usher has collaborated with countless stars, so bets were placed on who might join him.

He had promised during an Apple Music press conference that his guest stars would “deserve just as much recognition for what they do in their careers”.

Usher took it back to 1997 album My Way and the hit with the same title when he began his performance, quickly transitioning to Caught Up from Confessions.

Relive Usher’s performance and check out his set list here.

Beyoncé tries to break the internet

Beyoncé tried her very best to “break the internet” as part of a Super Bowl ad for Verizon.

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She certainly got people talking when she used the ad as a springboard to announce new music.

It will be her eighth studio album.

She was pictured in the stands with her husband music mogul Jay-Z.

Taylor Swift cutaways aplenty

It was bound to happen. As soon as Taylor Swift’s private jet touched down in the US from her tour in Japan, of course there would be just as much attention on her as there was on the game — and her “boyfriend”.

In fact “Taylor Swift’s boyfriend” has been trending on X since the show got underway.

Wonder what Super Bowl champion Travis Kelce thinks of that.

Taylor Swift wearing black, with Ice Spice next to her and Blake Lively in red and white on the other side, standing in stands

Musicians Ice Spice and Taylor Swift with actress Blake Lively at the  Super Bowl in Las Vegas.(Getty Images: Ezra Shaw)

Swift was joined by rapper Ice Spice and actor Blake Lively.

Not everyone was thrilled to see her there, with the star attracting a few boos.

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