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Understand how Chelsea’s game today can influence Neymar’s career


Credit: neymar-e-chelsea-x-borussia-photo-reproduction-from-twitter

Neymar’s future may be being defined in the decisive match between Chelsea and Borussia Dortmund. In short, the powerful English team is having a bad season and a Champions League relegation would be the subject of much criticism. In this way, the signing of a heavyweight name would be enough to “muffle” the failure in the Champions League.

It is worth noting that Chelsea need to win by at least two goals ahead, as they lost the first leg by 1-0. Therefore, if they win by the minimum difference, they can take the decision to penalties. On the other hand, if it is eliminated, the team will intensify its efforts to hire Neymar in the next transfer window. Namely, the information is from the UOL portal, which made it clear that the hiring of Camisa 10 do PSG it would be a way to “hide” Chelsea’s failure in the Champions League.

Hiring the star would be the subject of uproar in the English media and on social networks for weeks

In the understanding of the owner of Chelsea, the arrival of Neymar would be enough to cause an impact in the English press. That is, the Brazilian star would be featured in newspapers and networks for weeks, taking the focus off the London team’s failure in the current season. To know, Chelsea have only won two of their last twelve matches and a Champions League elimination would be the trigger for a crisis.

It is worth mentioning that Todd Boehly, Chelsea’s all-powerful, has already tried to sign a heavyweight and mediatic like this in another opportunity. Namely, none other than Cristiano Ronaldo was the target of the London club, and he was only not hired due to interference from the team’s coach at the time, Thomas Tuchel. Finally, months later, the German coach was fired and one of the likely reasons would have been not to carry out Chelsea’s will.

Chelsea is one of the few teams that could afford Neymar’s salary

It is worth emphasizing that rumors about the dissatisfaction of the PSG with Neymar have been constant for some time. In this way, the player is always speculated in the transfer windows as a possible departure from the French club. However, the player has a contract with Paris Saint Germain until 2027.

In addition, the current salary of the number 10 is around R $ 270 million and few teams would have the courage to pay something like that. That way, Chelsea would have few competitors in the dispute for Neymar, and depending on the desperation of its owner, he would certainly make a proposal at that level to have the Brazilian star on his team.

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