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Unconquered for two years. The Czech Sky Bridge still holds the world title

Neither in China nor in Dubai. People will continue to find the longest suspension bridge for pedestrians in the world in the Czech Republic, specifically in the Dolní Morava area. The 721-meter-long Sky Bridge will celebrate its second birthday in May. Two hundred thousand people visit it annually.

Although the Czech Republic is full of beautiful places and interesting attractions, the ones that hold world records, she is like saffron. In the field of architecture or attractions, megalomaniacal buildings from Asia and the Middle East region.

However, in 2022, the structure located in the Pardubice region overtook all other – Asian and other countries – suspension bridges for pedestrians in the world. Apple juice Sky Bridge 721 in the Dolní Morava area, after its opening it became the world’s longest suspension bridge for pedestrians with its length of 721 meters.

The footbridge crosses the Mlýnské Potok valley from the Slamník ridge to the Chlum ridge:

The longest suspension bridge for pedestrians in the world Sky Bridge 721, May 9, 2022, Dolní Morava.  At a height of 95 meters, it crosses the Mlýnské potok valley from the Slamník ridge to the Chlum ridge.

Record holder from the Czech Republic. The longest suspension bridge for pedestrians in the world cost 200 million

And so far, no other such attraction has taken it away from him. This May, it will be two years since he held this title.

“We are very happy that Sky Bridge 721 in Lower Moravia is still world number one in 2024,” the marketing manager of the Mountain Resort told Deník Lower Moravia Šárka Braunerová. The operators are not planning a special event for the second birthday of the bridge.

Source: Youtube

200 thousand people

The bridge with a width of 1.2 meters takes visitors high above the wooded landscape – at the highest point they find themselves 95 meters above the ground. Although the operators do not recommend entry for people who are afraid of heights, and entry with animals and strollers is prohibited, it is still very accessible to the whole family.

According to website of the Dolní Morava area children of any age and height can enter the bridge, which is not standard on all suspension bridges – for example, the new suspension bridge in Umbria, Italy, which is the highest in Europe for a change, has a floor designed with gaps in it, and visitors must be in harnesses and children shorter than 120 centimeters are not allowed here.

Proof that the Sky Bridge attracts visitors is also its attendance, which has not decreased even two years after its opening. “Sky Bridge 721 traffic is comparable to the Path in the Clouds in the first years after its opening. The bridge welcomes 200,000 visitors annually,” said Braunerová.

A maximum of 500 people can be on the bridge at any one time. Entry without a cable car to the Sky Bridge currently costs 550 crowns for an adult without registration, children under 14 pay 290 crowns.

Consistent control

Sky Bridge 721 took two years to build. The bridge is supported by six supporting cables and 60 wind cables of various diameters. The pulling power of each of the six main ropes is 360 tons. Of course, such a colossus requires regular and consistent maintenance.

Sky Bridge 721 became one of the fifty best places in the world two years ago:

The unique suspension bridge measures 721 meters.

Czech success. The suspension bridge in Lower Moravia made the cover of Time magazine

“Regular inspections and maintenance are carried out on Sky Bridge 721 four times a year, each time approximately three months apart. Twice a year, all parts of the bridge are completely inspected – the foundation structure, main stabilizing ropes, rope anchors, support pylons, stabilizing and tensioning devices, as well as the steel structure of the bridge deck, including its deflection,” Braunerová outlined the procedure.

In addition, according to her, the bridge is also checked during extraordinary events, especially in case of over-limit gusts of wind.

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