Tzeni Theona: Dimos Anastasiadis is father and son


Tzeni Theona: Dimos Anastasiadis is father and son

What eventually happened to his guitar? Municipality of Anastasiadis; She was thrown by Jenny Theona from the balcony? The famous actress solves the… mystery.

Recently, Dimos Anastasiadis had declared that he devotes himself so much to music even when he is at home, that at one point, Jeni Theona, had threatened to throw his things from the balcony.

Jenny Theona herself gave an answer to what happened, speaking today (22.11.2023) on “Pame Danae!”

“A lot of things have almost happened over the years, but at the end of the day I appreciate the fact that he is making his dream come true with a professional style and dedication. So no, I didn’t dump her,” he said.

How did she feel when she was pregnant and how did her partner react? “When I first heard that I was going to be a mom, I was very calm, happy and happy. It was a bit of a shock when I gave birth, I felt like something was missing.

When I announced to Dimos Anastasiadis that I was pregnant, he told me to send him a photo so he could see what had changed about me. Dimos is a father-child, he is close to the child as a child himself,” he revealed.

She also stated that both she and Dimos Anastasiadis are comfortable with the child on many issues, with her son asking her if she is pregnant due to a bump. “He’s starting to work on the idea of ​​a little brother because of school,” she said.

The well-known actress presents the show “Moms” on ERT again this year. A show that, as he said, focuses on all matters related to parenthood. “I think a child needs a stable and secure framework, whether it’s two dads or two moms,” he said.

In the past she was offered a morning show, but she didn’t dare and has no regrets. Now he would try such a concept with thought and caution.

“I would not be able to present a show with Dimos Anastasiadis, not even in my mind. It bothers me especially when they take pictures of me in my swimsuit on the beaches, I deal with it with desperation,” she said.

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