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11-0 victory as Rode returns to Alsbach Sebastian Rode was on the pitch for...

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Třinec regretted the overpowering, Dynamo coach leaned on Antoš: Špiní Pardubice

/PHOTO GALLERY/ The finalists of the hockey extraleague play off stand after four games on the same marks as at the beginning. After Třinec and Pardubice split after one game in the east of Bohemia, the same thing happened again in Silesia, where the Steelers lost to Dynamo 2:6 after Saturday’s 4:3 win 24 hours later. However, even a high win did not soften visiting coach Marko Zadina, who did not like the change in assessment of the strong game in the goal area, and he relied on TV expert Milan Antoš in his assessment.

The atmosphere of the fourth final Třinec – Pardubice.

| Video: David Hekele

First, he evaluated the match in one sentence, then he took a breath, thought about it and went to Czech Television, expressing his displeasure at the influence of “experts” and the media and calling it a media massage. He argued that people want emotions. Later, he appeared again and corrected himself to clarify that it was a podcast of the website, not public television, where Antoš also works. And he was even more specific than originally.

“The worst thing is that they influence a lot of people on podcasts, on social networks, then people succumb to it, as well as officials, commissions. I think it doesn’t belong in the hockey environment,” he said. “They have a lot of space to express themselves, which I don’t agree with. With their opinions. Then it’s hard to fight against it,” he continued.

Hockey players from Třinec (in white) in the fourth final of the extra league playoff against Pardubice.

The champion will not attack the title! Třinec did not add a third win, Pardubice equalized

What didn’t he like? After the second final of the podcast ‘Focused on the play off’, Antoš was critical of Pardubice’s hard play in the area in front of the goal and that they were provoking goalkeeper Třinec Ondřej Kacetl. “They have to say, not like this. The referees have to disqualify for such things. And not that they stand up and leave it to the defenders, let them defend their own goalkeeper, who is trying to hide from the attack by going to the corner of the pitch,” said Milan Antoš.

“Antoš, who played in goal all his life, and now here he says such things. Now a war is about to break out, but he makes an expert in quotation marks, for me he is not an expert. I respect the fans a lot, but they don’t know the hockey environment, they tell them some opinions. I don’t agree with them. Pardubice is dirty, the organization is dirty, our players are dirty. I reject his opinions, for me he is not an expert. Not only Antoš,” announced Zadina.

According to Zadina, active and forceful play in front of the goalkeepers is part of hockey in the knockout stage. “Now there are limits that do not correspond to the playoffs at all. Look at the NHL, how the players follow each other, how they play in the goal area, where they play playoff hockey. They end the series and treat each other correctly, I enjoy it a lot and I have I’m glad,” Zadina clarified his gaze.

According to Zadina, Antoš creates pressure on the referee. He indicated that it could have manifested itself at the moment when Lukáš Radil slapped Kacetl on the concrete, after which the goalkeeper Třince fell to the ground and the attacker Pardubic went to the penalty bench. “We can’t give in to people talking on the air while he was playing hockey in the goal area. Nothing else. And then they will comment on these things, which will destroy the whole finale, its atmosphere and charge. It’s unreal for me,” Zadina didn’t understand.

“I would ask those people who are listening and reading this to make up their own minds. In order not to be subject to the media, to those people who are disgusted, they do not support Pardubice and go against Pardubice. However, Třinec plays correctly, I have nothing against him, but let’s play fair,” he appealed immediately.

Radim Rulík leads the training of the Czech hockey team in the Budvar arena.

Rulík made a cut through the frame. The first reinforcement from overseas, Nedvěd is negotiating with other adepts

The commission sent an e-mail to the clubs at 9 a.m. on Friday with instructions on how to behave in the goal area and how players’ interventions will be punished. Třinec coach Zdeněk Moták did not agree with its content. “I saw a bunch of other things that we consulted at the club. We have to face it and all those questions,” said the coach.

“I still behave the same way, I don’t go to the goalkeepers and I don’t do that nonsense here. The coaches said that they have a given meter from the disciplinarian, and the fouls and other interventions made by the Pardubice team in the second match will continue to be punished. Nothing changes for us,” outlined Třinec striker David Cienciala.

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