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Tregastel. The pink granite coast triathlon starts this weekend

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Pink Granite Coast Triathlon Trégastel 2022
The Pink Granite Coast triathlon is organizing its 11th edition this weekend. ©Jérémy Nédélec / Le Trégor

The 11e edition of pink granite coast triathlon promises, once again, to be a great event awaited by many athletes, this Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 May, at Tregastel.

On deck, 200 volunteers ready to welcome more than 600 participants.

Several tests

On the program, several events: M triathlon, XS triathlon, youth duathlons. “And this year, the big novelty is the SwimRun“, specifies Christophe Bochereau, organizer.

The SwimRun is a sequence of running and swimming, on land and sea, solo or in pairs.

“There will be 3.4 km of swimming and 9.2 km of running, divided respectively into 4 and 6 sections: the participants alternate and swim with their shoes”.

Christophe Bochereau, organizer
The athletes of the Triathon Côte de Granit Rose are preparing for their 11th edition
The Lannion Triathlon athletes are preparing for the 11th edition of the event. ©Isabelle Philippet / Le Trégor

The tests

The M triathlon event (Olympic format) will include a 1.5 km swim back and forth between the beaches of the White Strike and Coz Pors. Then, you will have to ride the bike for 40 km (two loops of 20 km between the Grève Blanche and Pleumeur Bodouvia the Corniche and Penvern road).

The participants will then put their bikes down for a 10 km run between the Grève Blanche and Île Renote via the Coz Pors beach.

Among the favorites of the Lannionnais club, the Lannion Triathlon, let us mention Julien Couture, Marie Mingam. We can also find regulars like Aymeric Réhel, Antoine Bouvet, Solene Quinio, Lucie Causeret or Ludivine Le Guern. “Registrations were made on February 28: in 3 hours, it was complete”.

Videos: currently on Actu

250 athletes (43% of whom are women) will take part in the XS triathlon and will have to cover 400 m of swimming, 12 km of cycling and 2.5 km of running.

A duathlon will be offered to young people aged 6 to 13 where they will alternate running, cycling, running.

Pink Granite Coast Triathlon Trégastel 2022
SwinRun on Saturday, M and S triathlons on Sunday: there will be a lot of fun at La Grève Blanche this weekend! ©Jérémy Nédélec / Le Trégor

The program

Departures will be from the Grève Blanche. Saturday 27 May: 1.30 p.m.: start of the SwinRun S. 5 p.m.: start of the youth duathlon animathlon. Sunday, May 28: 11:30 a.m.: start of the M triathlon in 3 waves. 4:15 p.m.: start of the XS triathlon in 3 waves.

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