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Toulouse. At Rose Lab, from sewing to 3D printing, you can create any object

850m2 of surface for companies and individuals.
850m2 of surface for companies and individuals. (©Rose Lab)

THE Fablab have developed throughout France. Since 2020, Rose Lab offers space for businesses and individuals to City of Montaudran in Toulouse. And since September, the Rose Lab has changed its face.

“We changed owners. From now on, it is seven associations which carry the places, recalls Antoine Ruiz-Scorletti, President of Rose Lab. This means that the profits go directly to the employees and to the investment in the establishment”, whereas until then the Fab Lab was managed by Manatour.

The Rose Lab Adventure

The adventure for Rose Lab began in 2020, as the region launches a call for projects. It’s finally Manatour who wins it. “They are now one of our partners”, specifies the president. “All the people are involved in the management now.”

The Rose Lab became a prefiguration association towards a SCIC (Cooperative Society of Collective Interest) in October 2022. Faced with this change, everything is changing in the Fab Lab. A associative bar is in experimentation, the furniture has become modular and the offers have evolved to go from 10 euros per month, 10 euros per year, or pay by the day.

Build for everyone

This building of 850m2 welcomes businesses and individuals. It is a shared and distributed manufacturing space. Orange, Airbus, Enedis are mixing with SMEs and VSEs to manufacture together. Individuals can also come for these professional projects but also for leisure. Tools, machines, photo studio, communication service, everything is there to carry out your biggest project.

You can sew, manufacture with a 3D printer, all this by following the dedicated training. “From 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and on Saturdays, all machines are unlimited”.

Videos: currently on Actu

“We give everyone the opportunity to manufacture,” explains Antoine Ruiz-Scorletti. Today, 200 professionals and a hundred individuals joined the Fab Lab. “We have 40 to 60 people a day,” explains the president.

And Rose Lab doesn’t stop there. “The Faire Ensemble festival brings together all the Fab Labs in France in Toulouse, from June 1 to 3,” says the president. But events take place throughout the year. “The big project is the open days in September”. Case to follow!

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