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Tips for motorcycle events: rallies and super races, in Hradec, veterans will share it with the train

The spring weather invites auto-moto exhibitions, meetings and races. There will be, for example, the Autosalon in Louny, meetings of veterans and various brands, races of modern cars and veterans uphill or with a train, and motorcycle rides and competitions. Where you can go from Friday, May 17 to Sunday, May 19, if you admire the beauty of cars and motorcycles, you will find out in our traditional big overview. And again, there are also tips for longer-term events and exchanges.

Rally Křivonoska 2024. MG cabrio.

| Photo: Pavel Mörtl

Last weekend, the 53rd edition of the famous Křivonosko Rally took place in Český Krumlov. 280 shiny cars and motorcycles took to its track, none of which were younger than 79 years old. The diary was there. You can read more about this event in the article HERE.

However, below we bring you an overview of motoring events that you can go to during the third weekend of May 2024.

Motoring events – the third weekend of May

Autosalon Louny
When: 17 to 19 May
Where: Louny, Exhibition Center
What: XXVI. year of the exhibition of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorhomes, trailers and caravans. The exhibition is connected with the “Family and Leisure” exhibition.

Rally Český Krumlov
When: 17 and 18. 5
Where: Czech Krumlov.
What: This year, the organizers are preparing the 51st edition of the traditional race of the Czech Republic Championship, which also includes the RRC Regional Rallye Cup.

Remember the 50th year of the Český Krumlov Rally:

Source: Diary/Zuzana Gabajová

CR Championship and ACR Cup in karting
When: 17 to 19 May
Where: Cheb, Fun Arena
What: Kart racing.

In the footsteps of the Modrava police – the Šumava Aero rally
When: 17 to 19 May
Where: Vimperk, sports complex Vodník
What: The first meeting of Aero cars in Šumava, a sleepy ride.

Mercedes-Benz Brewery
When: 17 to 19. 5.
Where: Nové Dvory near České Budějovice, Kněžínek Brewery
What: II. the meeting is intended for owners of veterans, youngtimers and cars from the current production of the Mercedes-Benz brand and related brands (Smart, Puch, Maybach…).

In the footsteps of Count Chorinski
When: 17 and 18. 5.
Where: Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou, castle
What: 20th meeting of veterans (Saturday from 11 am). The park and garden areas will be reserved for cars and motorcycles until 1945. The upper courtyard for the younger ones from 1946-1989.

America among the cellars
When: 17 and 18. 5.
Where: Mutěnice, Pod búdama amphitheater
What: Two-day charitable cultural motoring event.

It’s a shame the meeting Sec
When: 17 to 19 May
Where: Seč, car camp Seč Beach
What: Meeting of Škoda vehicles manufactured before 2000, sleepy driving, stock exchange, competitions.

Lada meeting in Bechyně
When: 17 to 19 May
Where: Koloděje nad Lužnicí, Prima campsite, Bechyně-Hodonice airport
What: A traditional gathering of fans of Lada, VAZ, Zhiguli vehicles. The Saturday program is at the airport in Hodonice.

Szczecin Trabant meeting
When: 17 to 19 May
Where: Želízy, camp (start), Štětí
What: A fun ride to Štětí, an excursion to the Mondi paper mill, a tour and tasting at the Liběchov winery, a drive through the Kokořín Valley.

Meeting of motorhomes on the Golden River
When: 17 to 19 May
Where: Pikovice, fire brigade camp
What: II. A gathering of motorhome and travel lovers.

Gustav Havel’s 300 turns
When: 18. and 19. 5.
Where: Hořice in Podkrkonoší
What: The sixty-first year of the Gustav Havel 300-turn races.

Erpeer Motorcycle Party
When: 17 to 19 May
Where: Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, Camp Sport
What: Motorcycle competitions, joint rides and more.

Meeting of JAWA 650/660 motorcycle owners
When: 17 to 19 May
Where: Kolence, square
What: XVIII meeting, ride to Třeboň.

Upper Pojizerí and Železnobrodsk
When: 18. 5. from 9 o’clock
Where: Železný Brod, Malé náměstí – parade of vehicles in the parking lot of the company Dedesk
What: 17th annual competition of historic vehicles.

When: 18. 5.
Where: Terezín, near the Infocentre, parking lot of Retranchement
What: Meeting and orientation drive of historic vehicles.

Sosnova Classic
When: 18. and 19. 5.
Where: Sosnová, autodrome
What: This year’s event of historic cars, sidecars and motorcycles Sosnová Classic attracts a number of rare machines and famous names behind their wheels. Among the attractions are beautiful historical uniques of the brands Bugatti and Maserati. Talbot Lago, Mercedes-Benz, Walter, Tatra and others. The big names starting in Sosnová will be joined this year by Oliver and his father Petter Solberg behind the wheel of Škoda racing specials, and there will also be another competition legend associated with the Lancia and Fiat brands, Markka Alén.

International rally veteran
Where: 18. 5. from 8 o’clock
Where: Pardubice, Pernštýnské náměstí
What: Jubilee XXXX. year of competition of cars and motorcycles up to the year of manufacture 1984.

Ústecká “21” – Memorial of Miroslav Urban
When: 18. and 19. 5.
Where: Ústí nad Orlicí
What: International uphill car race and vintage uphill car races.

Veterans at the castle
When: 18. 5. from 9 o’clock
Where: Třeboň, castle
What: 12th annual exhibition of historic vehicles.

Václav Zapadlík Memorial in Žamber
When: 18. 5.
Where: from Hradec Králové to Žamberk
What: Race of vintage cars and motorcycles up to the year of manufacture 1940 with a steam train.

Queen of the roads
When: 18. 5. from 9 o’clock
Where: Jindřichův Hradec, Garden center under the hat
What: The tenth annual orientation drive for female drivers of historic vehicles manufactured before 1990.

Help Cup Plumov
When: 18 and 19 May
Where: Plumov, Shark campsite
What: The traditional Help Tuning Cup meeting of owners of tuning cars of all possible brands.

V3S Vintage Trucks Rally
When: 18. and 19. 5.
Where: Peruc, behind the soccer field

Redneck4T Machine Fest
When: 18. 5.
Where: Vyšovice near Prostějov
What: The second year of a successful event for all lovers of motorbikes, offroads, tractors and historic vehicles.

Eighty-eight-year-old Libuše Šulcová came to the sleepy ride of veterans in Přerov on a BSA 770 motorcycle from 1928. Read her story:

A hundred shiny motorcycles and cars of the pre-war and inter-war era set off from Horní náměstí in Přerov on Sunday for a dreamy ride through the region.  The oldest participant was 88-year-old Libuše Šulcová, who set out on the route on a BSA 770 motorcycle with

Knitting or crocheting? This grandma rides a 1928 sidecar motorcycle

Triumph motorcycle rally
When: 18. 5. from 10 o’clock
Where: Hradec Králové, parking lot at Pneu Kuthan, bratrí Štefanů street
What: 19th traditional meeting of owners and supporters of the brand’s motorcycles.

Fichtl Cup
When: 18. 5.
Where: Paskov, MX track
What: Off-road motorcycle race Jawa 50 Pionýr

Mopedist pre-school rides
When: 18. 5.
Where: Praskolesy
What: 10th annual moped ride around the area.

Biker’s Blessing
When: 5/18 from 12 noon
Where: Chýnov, Church of the Holy Trinity

Cvikovské blessing of motorbikes
When: 18. 5. from 10 o’clock
Where: Cvikov, church of St. Elisabeth of Hungary

For the fourth time, the Automotive Jewels exhibition was held on the grounds of the golf course in Prague-Hostivař. Check out this beauty:

Visitors could move freely between the exhibited rarities.

A car without a steering wheel and a rare Alfa. The best of the Automotive Jewels exhibition

Motorcycle pilgrimage on St. Antonínek
When: 18. 5.
Where: Blatnice under St. Antonínek
What: The fifth pilgrimage and the blessing of motorbikes.

Veterans under lock and key
When: 19. 5. from 10 o’clock
Where: Dobřichovice near Prague
What: Exhibition of selected historical vehicles.

Meeting of veterans with historic vehicles
When: 19. 5.
Where: Prostějov, náměstí TG Masaryk
What: Exhibition of veterans, competition of elegance.

Practically throughout the sixties of the last century, racing specials of the Jawa brand belonged to the world’s top. Remember one of these machines:

The famous Jawa in the museum in Lučany nad Nisou.

The Jawa 350 2x OHC could win the World Championship. Her successor then killed

Price of Prachovské skal
When: 19. 5. from 8 o’clock
Where: Jičín, start and finish
What: Orientation competition drive of cars and motorcycles manufactured before 1985 in and around the Czech Paradise.

Edda Cup – Brdy 21
When: 19. 5.
Where: Řevnice, Mníšek pod Brdy
What: Uphill races.

Blessing of motorbikes
When: 19. 5.
Where: Jablonné in Podještědí, basilica of St. Lawrence and St. Zdislavy – meeting in Zákupy near the castle (12:45 p.m.)

Try the quiz, you will surely choose from a wide selection:


Stock exchange
When: 18. 5. from 7 o’clock
Where: Birches, speedway stadium

May Stock Exchange
When: 18. 5. from 6 o’clock
Where: Mohelnice

Stock exchange
When: 18. 5. from 7 o’clock
Where: Jihlava, Heulos-Jihlava Amphitheater

Stock exchange
When: 19. 5.
Where: Tuhan at Semil

Stock exchange
When: 19. 5.
Where: Calculus

Stock exchange
When: 19. 5.
Where: Dawns

From the beginning of the seventies until the end of the eighties, the socialist brand Metalex was our main supplier of racing cars for circuit companies. Read more here:

Formula MTX 1-03 for the Easter series

The most successful socialist formula was developed by MTX 50 years ago. Her engine was from Lady

Current exhibitions

Safety first. 50 years of crash tests of Škoda cars
When: until 5/26
Where: Prague, National Technical Museum
What: The exhibition presents the subject of trial crash tests, which were first carried out in our country in 1972 for cars Damage. It describes in detail their history, the technical equipment of workplaces and the current form of safety testing of ŠKODA AUTO cars.

Škoda 1000 MB recently celebrated its 60th birthday. Do you know this car well, which is called nothing but embéčko, embeso or embaso?

Damage 1000 MB.

QUIZ: When you say embéčko or How well do you know Škoda 1000 MB

When: until 16.6.
Where: Mladá Boleslav, Škoda Museum
What: The exhibition presents the company’s commitments in the field of sustainability. It is also the occasion for the public premiere of the all-new Kodiaq model, which is now also offered with a plug-in hybrid drive for the first time.

ČZ motorcycles with a story + Tatra 77a – from miracle to wreck and back
When: until 10/28
Where: Plasy, NTM Building Heritage Centre
What: The exhibition presents two dozen ČZ motorcycles. Interesting (sometimes unfortunately very sad) human destinies and stories can be connected with a number of them. The exhibition Tatra 77a – from a miracle to a wreck and back presents a freshly restored passenger car Tatra 77a from the collection of the National Technical Museum as well as the development and history of the Tatra 77 and 77a cars.

By 2028, ten new examples of the Tatra MTX will be produced. The car was originally designed and constructed by the designer Václav Král and his son Jiří in the early nineties. More info:

After more than thirty years, the Tatra MTX supersport will again be produced in limited quantities at the premises of the MTX company in Mělník

The Tatra MTX will be produced in Mělník. But the price of the supersport will be very high

Exhibition of historic cars
When: until 15.12.
Where: Rožmitál pod Třemšín, Podbrd Museum
What: The most comprehensive collection of 40 Aero cars, including three bodies from the Sodomka company.

You’re running a motoring event and want it featured in regular tips on the site Or has your event just taken place and you want to present it to the readers of the Journal in the photo gallery? Then send us information about it by e-mail: [email protected]

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