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Three princesses meet in the new ČT Christmas fairy tale. Smart, brave and beautiful

Director Tomáš Pavlíček began filming this year’s premiere Christmas fairy tale for Czech Television, Three Princesses, in the forests of Czech Switzerland, which were engulfed in a large-scale fire two years ago. In it, smart Sofia, brave Leona and beautiful Flora travel through the scorched landscape on horseback. A journey full of pitfalls, adventures and overcoming difficult tasks awaits them.

Three princesses – Dorota Šlajerová, Josefína Marková and Sára Černochová

| Photo: courtesy of Czech Television/Miroslav Kučera

The main roles in the story were given to Josefína Marková, Dorota Šlajerová and Sára Černochová. Under the story is signed screenwriter, dramaturg and columnist Hana Cielová and Zdeněk Jecelín, co-author of the script for the Czech sci-fi film Recovery point.

“I love fantasy, so wearing a period costume and riding a horse immediately drew me into the role. My Sofia is not the oldest of the princesses, but she acts like one. She is supposed to be the sensible, prudent one. She looks out for her sisters who sometimes have disagreements. She is smart, interested in alchemy and trying to find a potion of immortality,” describes her heroine Josefína Marková, who has already starred in Jan Hřebejk’s film series Horticulture.

David Švehlík in the fairy tale Krakonoš's secret

The most watched Christmas fairy tales on CT? Krakonoš is clearly in the lead, he also defeated Angel of the Lord

Her fairytale sister is Sára Černochová, for whom this is her first acting opportunity. “I’m excited, my dream has come true. My first big role in front of the camera is a princess and I am grateful for that. I play Flora, who is beautiful, but not the brightest. But I liked her,” she claims.

The third princess – Leona – is Dorota Šlajerová, who appeared in Bohdan Sláma’s film Sucho or in series The Protector. He says about his new heroine: “She is fearless, very brave and determined to protect her sisters with a sword in her hand. So I completed not only horse-riding lessons, but also swordsmanship training, so that I could be as credible as a fighter as possible.”

No princes this time

Record Christmas story is traditionally one of the most difficult tasks.

“More than high audience expectations are placed on her, and it is not easy to fulfill them. Even so, we and the entire team involved in the fairy tale decided to go to market with the skin. The Three Princesses scenario has an exciting story based on princesses with different personalities. Yes, girls will fight evil this time, not princes. It is those gender-reversed roles that bring with them a novel way of solving some plots in the fight with the cruel Queen Mortana. I can promise the audience favorite actors, tension, humor, beautiful locations and costumes, and of course there won’t be a fateful love either,” described Czech Television’s creative producer Kateřina Ondřejková.

Fairy tale Three Nuts for Cinderella

QUIZ: Why don’t they play, preceptor? Play! How well do you know Czech Christmas fairy tales?

The Christmas fairy tale Three Princesses will be produced by the crew of Tomáš Pavlíček, who has to his credit as the author or co-author of the award-winning films Prádné pokecal, Chata na prodej and She came at night, shoot for 23 days. Among other things, also at Hrubý Rohozec castle and Bouzov castle. The filmmakers will also take a look at the Tiské rocks, the Homolák quarry, the Skryjská jezírka, and with the story they will also visit Little and Big America.

In other roles, the audience can look forward to Josef Trojan, Klára Melíšková, Martin PechlátCyril Dobrý, Anna Šišková, Vojtěch Vondráček or Michal Isteník.

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