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Three detainees leave police chase through several communes of the Metropolitan Region: Subjects shot at police officers as they fled

Three detainees left a police chase that took place during the early hours of this Tuesday in multiple communes of the Metropolitan Region.

The events occurred around two in the morning in the commune of Independence, when Carabineros carried out a vehicle check on a vehicle where three occupants were traveling. These When they noticed the police presence, they ignored the instructions and fled the scene. starting the chase.

As they fled, the subjects shot at the police patrol Therefore, Carabineros personnel had to use their service weapons to repel the attack. The chase extended to the intersection of Jorge Ross Ossa Avenue and Juan de Dios Malebrán Street, in the Puente Alto commune, where the subjects hit a containment barrier.

According to what Major Miguel Lizama, Carabineros Night Operational Chief, explained, “the antisocials who were moving inside the vehicle proceeded to fire different shots at the carabineros personnel, all of this with the aim of avoiding police control. Not achieving his objective, the follow-up continues, ending in the streets of Juan de Dios Malebrán with Jorge Ross Ossa, an opportunity in which “The driver of the station wagon loses control, hitting a containment barrier inside a plaza located at this intersection.”

As detailed, different species were found inside the vehicle, as well as two pistols and a bulletproof vest, adding that “parallel to this, at the 9th police station in Independencia, an adult woman appears who reports that moments before she had been a victim of robbery in his home identifying a lead-colored station wagon vehicle, while the antisocials were carrying weapons and a green bulletproof vest. Given this, it can be determined that the antisocials evaded police control since they had previously committed the crime of robbery in an inhabited place.”

The Prosecutor’s Office ordered the attendance of OS9 and Labocar to investigate the events.

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