Filip BlazekFilip BlazekSource: with the permission of CT

Filip Blazek

He is unforgettable thanks to his role in the movie fairy tale Immortal Aunt and the character of one of the investigators of the Prague murder party in three series of the series Cases of the 1st Department. Now we can see him in the series One Family. His theatrical life is also rich. “I like to move all my life and dance is quite a difficult discipline. So I’m going to go ahead and learn it. I got the offer earlier, but I was busy. I didn’t have any shoots or theaters scheduled in my diary this year, so I gave a nod to StarDance,” he said Filip Blazek.

Jana PaulováJana PaulováSource: with the permission of CT

Jana Paulová

Drama and musical actress. She performed with Josef Dvořák in the legendary production S Pydla v zéché. She shined in the musical Pěna dní or Někdo to rad horké. The comedy Without Prejudice, in which Pavel Zedníček is her stage partner, has had more than five hundred reruns at the Kalich Theatre. In television and film roles, the audience liked her in the series Hospital on the edge of the city, Rozpaky kuchare Svatopluk, Cirkus Humberto, in the fairy tale Dalskabáty, hříšná ves or Zapomentý čert or in the short film Malostranské humoresky. She is the author of How to Run Uphill. “StarDance is a challenge that can distract me from the beautiful, joyful, but still somewhat routine of filming and performing theater. I will have a reason to put my body in some movement, because lately laziness has been winning over the knowledge that I should do something for myself. At least I have the motivation to start strengthening my body. I thought that if this was the only reason, then it makes sense. Of course, I am looking forward to this beautiful project,” said Jana Paulová.

Lucie VondráčkováLucie VondráčkováSource: with the permission of CT

Lucie Vondráčková

After an almost ten-year hiatus, the actress, voice actress and singer is returning to television screens and theater boards. She shone on them as Juliet, Morgana, Joan of Arc, Desdemona, Anne in the Cherry Orchard or Luisa in the performance of Happiness. She played in the films Snowboarders, Unclear news about the end of the world or in the fairy tales Malvína, The Royal Promise or Schmankote, babičko, zaruaj! “StarDance has already crossed my path once. It was about fifteen years ago. At that time, however, I was rehearsing in the theater and did not dare to combine acting and dancing. Well, I was a scarecrow. And then, of course, I was a little sorry, so thank you for the second chance,” she let herself be heard Lucie Vondráčková.

Marta DancingerováMarta DancingerováSource: with the permission of CT

Marta Dancingerová

The theater and television actress drew attention to herself with the role of the mother of one of the exchanged boys in the Czech TV series Cuckoos. He appears in the performances of the Drama Club, the Karlín Music Theatre, the Palace Theater and the Švandova Theater. In addition to acting, he also writes. She made her debut with the title Nesmělí and is the author of the children’s book Nikolas and the Secret of Snozemě. “I accepted the offer to StarDance because I would have blamed myself terribly if I hadn’t done it. It’s my little dream. I don’t know what participating in the competition will do to me. I expect a new kind of stage fright. I know stage fright, pre-premiere stage fright, but it’s still productive stage fright, which I already know how to deal with. I hope I can take the opportunity in the right way. I primarily want to enjoy StarDance and be happy about all the happenings around me,” she said Marta Dancingerová.

Martina PtáčkováMartina PtáčkováSource: with the permission of CT

Martina Ptáčková

Eight-time world champion in combat sports, which led her to personal experience with bullying in elementary school. She is the first European woman to be awarded a black belt in hand to hand combat, as well as a national coach and leading representative of this sport in the Czech Republic. He and his brother conduct training for NATO soldiers and other armed forces, together they founded and manage a charity project aimed at anti-bullying and called it Bullying in the cage. She is also a member of the advisory team of the young president of the Republic, Petr Pavel. “I admit, I didn’t go to dance classes and dancing doesn’t mean anything to me at all. StarDance I will take as my hardest match in life and dancing as my biggest opponent. I think the dancer who will be in charge of me will have a lot of fun with me. He will have to be very empathetic, patient and explain everything to me ten times because I’m a log, you’ve never seen anything like it. But I will try anyway,” smiles Martina Ptáčková.

Patrick HartlPatrick HartlSource: with the permission of CT

Patrick Hartl

The writer is one of the most widely read authors today – just remember his novel Prvok, Šampón, Tečka a Karel, which was also filmed. He devotes himself to film and theater directing, especially at the Studio DVA theater in Prague. “I haven’t moved from a laptop in thirty years and felt an intense need to change that this summer. I needed to take a break from the fictional world of my stories and experience something for myself. For example, to do something that may be pointless, but that I will be happy about. And at that moment I got a call from Czech Television. I knew right away that StarDance would bring me to life,” he said Patrick Hartl.

Oskar HessOskar HessSource: with the permission of CT

Oskar Hess

The actor drew attention to himself in the miniseries Rédl, the two-part TV movie Dukla 61 and recently also with his performance in the drama Brothers. “StarDance it seems to me a great opportunity to learn something new, to get in two months in the form that I have lost recently. I’m not very active right now. It’s going to be like a fun dance camp for me and I’m really looking forward to it all starting. Dance is very close to me,” said Oskar Hes.

Jiří JezekJiří JezekSource: with the permission of CT

Jiří Jezek

The athlete is the most successful cyclist in Paralympic history. At home, he has a total of eleven medals from the Games under five rings, six of which are gold. “In StarDance I want to overcome myself, I have never danced properly. A lot of my friends went through the competition and they all said it was a wonderful experience, mainly thanks to the great team that will form around the show. I want to experience that,” explained Jiří Ježek.

Ondrej RumlOndrej RumlSource: with the permission of CT

Ondrej Ruml

The musician is the holder of the Golden Record for the album with the songs of Ježek, Voskovec and Werich, and excels in the title role of the musical Lazarus about David Bowie in the Municipal Theater of Prague. “I have been in show business for about fifteen years and StarDance is one of the best formats of TV entertainment we have here. I will have to outdo myself in the competition. I’m looking forward to it!” he declared Ondrej Ruml.

Chili TaChili TaSource: with the permission of CT

Chili Ta

Creator of culinary video content for social networks. In the kitchen, he creatively combines Vietnamese and international cuisine. But they are also known for their sharp humor and funny sketches on the Knedl TV channel. He organizes cooking classes, writes cookbooks, sings, composes music and plays American football in the Prague Harpies team. He is interested in mental health and biohacking. He currently collaborates with the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and Czech historians, with whom he tries to work on various topics in an entertaining way. “To be invited to StarDance I consider it a prestige. I adore dancing, but I have to admit that despite the initial great enthusiasm, I had to wonder if I could really handle such a commitment. But maybe it was because of that combination of fear and excitement that I decided to go for it,” said Chili Ta.


The jury of this year’s thirteenth year of the popular dance competition StarDance will again have three members. Jan Tománek will return to it. He has already appeared in the competition four times as a professional dancer, sitting on the judge’s chair in the tenth and eleventh rows of the competition. “In the history of StarDance, a total of sixteen personalities have appeared in the juries. For example Vlastimil Harapes, Michael Kocáb or Jan Révai. Changes in the composition of the jury are therefore not unusual at all. Jan Tománek will replace Zdenek Chlopčík in the upcoming series. He has handled his role brilliantly in the twelve seasons so far, and for that he deserves thanks,” said creative producer Lucie Kapounová.

Tatiana Dyková Vilhelmová and Petr Čadek

StarDance evenings full of surprises: injuries, declarations of love and revealed pregnancy

StarDance is the Czech version of the globally successful television dance competition of the British public BBC, which presents it under the name Strictly Come Dancing. It has appeared in the ČT1 program since 2006. Last year, an average of 1.7 million children and adults watched ten Saturday live broadcasts from October to December.