This Citrus Juicer is My Favorite New Kitchen Gadget in 2023, and It’s Only $12 for Black Friday


fluicer juicing lemon into bowl fluicer juicing lemon into bowl

This is the best citrus juicer you’ll ever own.


The only thing I like more than a freshly-squeezed margarita is a faster way to make it. The Fluicer is the best handheld citrus juicer I’ve every used, my favorite new kitchen gadget for 2023, and it’s currently down to $12 on Amazon (normally $17) for the medium size (which is the one I recommend).


Make the citrus lovers on your list very happy with this excellent handheld juicer.

So what’s the big fuss? I saw the Fluicer at a kitchen trade show in early 2023. In that moment, all the painful memories of trying to juice limes and lemons with a hopeless clamshell juicer came flooding back. The Fluicer works far more efficiently by bending the lemon or lime half as it squeezes, effectively pulverizing the fruit and getting at least 25% more juice out.

fluicer and traditional juicer with squeezed lemons fluicer and traditional juicer with squeezed lemons

The Fluicer squeezes laps around traditional handheld juicers.

David Watsky/CNET

The Fluicer comes in three sizes meant to sqeeuze, limes, lemons or oranges. I find the medium (yellow) to be the most versatile. It easily juices limes lemons and most orange slices without eating up too much space in your drawer. Needless to say, I’m getting one for everyone on my holiday list at this price, and you should, too.

juice squeezed from both juicers juice squeezed from both juicers

It’s not even close.

David Watsky/CNET

See my full review of the Fluicer here. And don’t be temped by heap knockoffs and lookalikes. A friend of mine bought one trying to save a few bucks and it broke within weeks. I’ve been using my sanctioned Fluicer fro a year now with no signs of wear or breakage.

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