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They took pictures of her, beat her. A woman wrote down practices in a Belarusian prison on toilet paper

Defenders of political prisoners in Belarus have published a letter that a 38-year-old woman managed to smuggle from behind bars. She is serving a sentence of 6.5 years in prison and confided in her experiences with the rudeness of guards and beatings by investigators. Representatives of the human rights organization Viasna also drew attention to the fate of its founder, Ales Bjaljacký. The Nobel Peace Prize laureate is not receiving the necessary medication.

Katsjarina Novikava was literally taken away by the Belarusian police last June, when they took her into custody wearing only a nightgown. In January, the court sent a participant in anti-government demonstrations to prison for six and a half years. A few days ago, independent television Belsat and the Viasna Center for Human Rights released the tape she managed to sneak out of prison. reports the AP agency.

Russia moved some nuclear weapons to Belarus:

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko

Contract signed. Russia is moving nuclear weapons to Belarus, Lukashenko announced

“They put me on the opposition white-red flag and everyone in that office beat me. They beat me on the head,” the woman hastily wrote in a few sentences on two pieces of toilet paper.

Novikava’s health became worse after the beating in custody, but she did not receive treatment even after another accident in the cell. “I fell off the top bunk and hit my head on a wooden shelf,” the woman wrote, adding that her injuries were photographed but not treated at the prison.

Novikava is now serving a six-and-a-half-year sentence for allegedly inciting hatred and obstructing the work of an employee of the Ministry of the Interior. In Móták, she lamented that the prisoners hardly receive any letters, and the censorship prohibits even drawings.

People who have visited the Russian prison Lefortovo on the outskirts of Moscow describe it as a place of devastating isolation:

Cell number 23 in the Lefortovo prison, where the Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg was allegedly imprisoned.  He worked in Budapest during World War II, where he saved up to 100,000 Hungarian Jews from the Holocaust.  He was then arrested and taken to the USSR, where he apparently died

What it looks like in the Russian prison Lefortovo: Terrifying with grave silence, strict rules

Her testimony on the social network X she shared and Svjatlana Cichanouskáwho stood up to the president in 2020 after the arrest of her husband Alexander Lukashenko as the main opposition candidate in the then elections. Lukashenko ran for the sixth mandate in them. As AP reminds, official election results at that time they attributed the victory to Lukashenko, but the opposition and many Western countries considered the results to be manipulated.

Massive protests were suppressed by the authorities

Massive protests followed in the country, which were eventually suppressed by the authorities. Since then, they have arrested 35,000 people. The Viasna Human Rights Center reports that guards and interrogators tortured many of them in prisons. Other people were labeled as extremists by the authorities and forced to leave the country. Cichanouská is now also working in exile, her husband is still in prison.

Viasna Center a week ago reminded and the fate of its founder. Sixty-one-year-old Ales Bjaljacky, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, has been in custody since July 2021. Last March, a court sentenced him to ten years in prison for alleged smuggling and funding of an organization that grossly violates public order.

Other letters from political prisoners from Belarusian prisons:

Source: Youtube

His wife, Natalia Pinčuková, said that he has been in solitary confinement for six months. “I learned from the people who left the prison that Ales’ condition is getting worse. He doesn’t get the medicine he needs,” said Pinčuková. Viasna states that in Belarus there are now almost fourteen hundred political prisoners, at least six of whom have died in prison.

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