They forbade the entry of Cypriots of Armenian descent into the occupied territories


The Turkish Cypriot newspaper explains the ban as a consequence of Turkey's decision to close its borders to Armenians

In the case of a Cypriot citizen, of Armenian origin, who was denied entry to the occupied territories, Europe is making headlines today, writing that this was done at the behest of Turkey in exchange for Azerbaijan after the war with Armenia.

According to the GTP, the publication states that the specific Cypriot businessman was born in Armenia to Cypriot parents of Armenian origin, who before the riots of 1963 lived in the Arabakhmet district.

While he used to pass through the roadblocks and visit the occupied territories, when Turkey closed its borders to Armenians due to the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict, those who were born in Armenia were also banned from crossing the roadblocks, the newspaper wrote in the report.

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