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They came to surf, found them in a well. Foreigners in Mexico die because of tires

Authorities on the northwest coast of Mexico on Sunday concluded the search for two Australians and one American. The men disappeared from a surfing and camping trip in the state of Baja California on the last weekend of April. According to the police, they were apparently killed by the attackers during a robbery.

Surfers. illustrative photo

| Photo: Shutterstock/SeaRain

Two Australian brothers in their thirties, Jake and Callum Robinson, went on a long-planned trip with their American friend Jack Rhoad in the second half of April. They spent some time in the United States of America, had fun at the popular Coachella festival in California, and then went camping and surfing on remote beaches in the Mexican state of Baja California, sharing their experiences and pictures on social media.

They fell silent at the end of April. The parents of the Australians hurriedly traveled to look for them, but on Sunday they could only confirm the identity of their dead bodies, CNN reported.

Mexico has been fighting drug cartels for years.  In some areas of the country it is very dangerous for tourists.  illustrative photo

It’s boiling in Mexico. Cartel war plagues Chiapas, violence also grips Mayan monuments

Investigators believe the trio were spotted camping by the beach by a group of thieves looking around for a magnifying glass. “Apparently the perpetrators were driving by and saw the foreigners’ tents and car. They caught the eye of tires that would fit their older car. When the tourists appeared to resist, the assailants reached for their weapons,” quoted Australian public broadcaster ABC Maria Elena Andrade Ramírez, head of the Baja California State Attorney’s Office.

On Thursday, the police found tents near the town of San Tomáso as well as a burned-out car in which the three-leaf clover was traveling. A day later, at a remote farm six kilometers away, the police found an unused well covered with boards. “She was literally nowhere to be found,” Ramírez said according to AP.

Another body in the well

From a depth of about fifteen meters, the police collected the bodies for two hours. Another corpse was also found on the spot. She had been lying there for much longer, the police believe that she may be the victim of an earlier crime by the same perpetrators, who obviously knew the place well.

The police detained three Mexican citizens, two brothers and the girlfriend of one of them, in connection with the attack. One of the men has a criminal record involving drug dealing, domestic violence and carjacking. The State Prosecutor’s Office did not rule out the participation of other persons or the participation of any of the drug cartels.

Source: Youtube

In the city of Ensenada, the center of the surfing area, about five hundred people demonstrated on Sunday. “We want safety,” they chanted in Spanish, ABC reported.

Some carried surfboards with inscriptions. There was no shortage of reassurance: we are with you, Australia. “They came to surf and they executed them,” read another.

“We are here in solidarity with our friends from Australia and the United States. We are a big community of surfers from all over the world and we need the beaches here to be safe for camping, surfing and just playing with families and friends,” said local surfer Héctor Estrada.

Tornadoes in the US cause enormous damage every year.

Don’t die! The car with the parents was swept away by the tornado. The nine-year-old son managed to get help even in the dark

America’s CNN pointed out that some parts of Mexico are established tourist destinations, but other areas of the country are not plagued by violent crime. Including kidnapping and human trafficking, especially in border regions. The murder rate is one of the highest in the world, one hundred thousand people are missing in the country. That’s probably why State Attorney Ramirez faced questions on Sunday about whether the police investigate disappearances more successfully if the victims are foreign tourists, AP noted.

Surfing off Ensenada in Baja California

Source: Youtube

CNN also reminded that they are terrorizing Mexico more and more violently and with increasing cruelty drug cartels also spurred by the huge demand for drugs among American consumers. It then has devastating consequences on the northern side of the rapidly spreading border fentanyl addiction.

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