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They are mixing secret ingredients on the goat farm in Borotín. Cheese is said to bring hearts together

Less than ten years ago, the former school teacher and accountant hung up their original professions and found the meaning of life in the production of dairy products, especially homemade cheese and kefir. “The farm is our work and our love. We like to do it, even if it is sometimes challenging,” smiles Pavlína. “We have a vacation for a maximum of three or four days, which is still feasible, longer is not possible due to milk processing,” explains Adam.

Already today the renovated cheese factory has been producing literal treasures by hand since 2015. “We will process all the milk we produce ourselves and sell it ourselves. In the beginning, not everything was always successful, but in the end we brought the procedures to near perfection,” describes Pavlína. “People tear our hands off for the few products we create. There’s no need to change anything, we always do everything the same, so we don’t even enter any competitions anymore,” admits Adam, adding that the recipes are proven by practice. Since 2017, however, he is still proud of the 2nd place in the Chutná hezky competition. South Bohemia, obtained by their goat kefir.

Cheese hearts open human ones

They recently gave the products a new look and miracles are happening. “We started producing heart-shaped cheeses, although it is more demanding, shaping is more laborious and takes more time, there is an incredible interest in them,” reveals Burziková. The hearts, although under their hands they are formed only in the sixth week, write their own stories. “People send us pictures of how they serve it. How it makes them think, brings them back together and renews their love,” he describes.

It is said that these are mostly couples who are facing difficulties. “Suddenly a little heart comes and it has an incredible effect. The woman serves it to the man, or vice versa. They talk and spend time together again. They open up about topics they’ve been avoiding and their relationship is rekindled,” adds Adam.

The diary caught the attention of: Goats are like people, each one has a different personality, and they are also smart and resourceful animals. From the beginning, they all had names, for example Eliška, Julča, Káča or Mařenka. “I am not ashamed to say that the goat is the smartest animal, smarter than the dog. They are always inventing something, they have all day to figure out how to get behind the fence for the greens,” suggests Adam Burzik, adding that one simply does not get bored with goats. For example, they go for half-hour grazing with them, so that they graze and don’t have time to mess around. “The smaller it is, the worse it is. They jump over fences, bypass electric fences, and probably have a reduced pain threshold. One comes up with something, the others join in. As soon as one escapes, it’s a mob,” he describes.

According to Mr. and Mrs. Burzik, hearts literally open human hearts. There is immense symbolism in them and they will soften even the roughest guy. “We think it’s a positive energy that we put into production. When husband and wife make love at home in the bedroom, the love also flows into their products, which they make together,” says Pavlína.

They claim that their cheeses are unmistakable. “People’s interest makes us very happy, at events we grill our own cow’s cheese and serve it with cranberry sauce, and we serve goat’s milk hearts on toast with beetroot,” he adds.

The Barans are standing at the new cash register.  It is already concreted, so the theft of money has stopped.

The forest bar can check the honesty of visitors. The decent ones win, but only narrowly

In addition to going to various farmer’s markets, festivals and public events, you can also buy from them in the self-service store in front of the house. “We don’t know exactly how many customers we have, but it has saved us a lot of time that we can devote to ourselves. The cheeses are gone, the money is in the piggy bank and we are happy. That’s enough for us,” he assesses.

Illness strengthened the relationship and set it on a new path

Their roles on the farm are strictly divided into men’s and women’s work, but they do what they can together. That fills them up. Their relationship, as unbelievable as it sounds, was helped by a serious illness when Adam contracted cancer. “Our life was just work, we didn’t have fun at all, we didn’t live and we didn’t rejoice together. It was probably necessary for us to start thinking and living differently, to catch a second breath and a different energy,” he claims. Their story can be an inspiration and a lesson for others.

Source: Diary/Lenka Pospíšilová

In addition to goats of various species, such as white, brown, Anglo-Nubian, Boer and their hybrids, the Burziks also keep cows, ducks, geese, chickens, cats and a dog. In the future, they are planning the revitalization of the farm, especially the repairs of the goat houses and wooden structures. In time, they would also like to organize farm breakfast picnics in Tábor.

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