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They are already looking forward to the ground: the irresistible queens of the garden are planted until mid-May

Once the risk of ground frost has passed and the ground starts to warm up, it’s time to plant dahlias. Dahlia tubers, whether overwintering or newly purchased, should be planted in a dug bed. The same applies to the pre-grown seedling of annual varieties. Then you can look forward to how the beautiful flowers of dahlias in many colors and shapes will delight you from summer until the first frost. Read how to grow dahlias correctly, when and how to plant them and when to cut them.

It is not for nothing that dahlias are considered the queens of gardens. Now is the right time to bet them.

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How to plant dahlias:

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Dahlia tubers are already looking forward to the ground so that their green shoots can sprout. “Dahlias begin to bloom about eight weeks after planting, the website states Almanac. Growing dahlias is not difficult, and you can enjoy their beauty not only in flower beds, but also in containers on balconies. They are also a popular flower for wedding bouquets. Dahlias come from Central America, most species grow in Mexico. The Aztecs saw them as a symbol of the Sun god. They used their tubers in the kitchen and in medicine.

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Dahlias were also supposed to act as an aphrodisiac. They reached Europe at the end of the 18th century and their popularity continued to grow.

Perennials and annuals

Can you imagine summer without dahlias? It is not for nothing that dahlias are considered the queens of gardens. It brightens them up with colors at a time when other flowers have already finished blooming. Their beautiful flowers contain a whole palette of colors from light pastels to vibrant shades. It’s the same with the flower shapes, which can range from small tight balls to saucer-sized lily-like flowers.

You can buy perennial dahlias with larger tubers, which will bloom for many years with proper care. But you mustn’t forget to dig them out of the ground in time in autumn and let them overwinter in a suitable place.

The second option is dahlias, grown as annuals. Seedlings are pre-grown by sowing from February to April. Annual dahlias are smaller and grow to a height of around half a meter.

Planting tubers and seedlings

Dahlias will do best in a sunny location where they will be protected from strong winds. They like loose, permeable, not too wet soil with a pH of 7 to 8. Before planting, it is a good idea to add mature compost or mineral fertilizer to the soil.

We plant only healthy and firm tubers, with no signs of rot or mold. Ideally, they can already be slightly ruffled. The distance between plants should be at least 30 cm for short, smaller dahlias, and 60 to 100 cm for tall ones.

Planting a sprouting dahlia tuber with sprouts in a spring flower garden.Planting a sprouting dahlia tuber with sprouts in a spring flower garden.Source: Shutterstock

Planting should be relatively shallow, so that after filling, there is a maximum of 7 centimeters of soil above the tuber and it can sprout easily. For tall dahlias, it is a good idea to hammer sticks into them already when planting, so that the tubers are not damaged later. Water the bed thoroughly.

Caring for dahlias

Shoots will start to grow in about 14 days. In order to obtain a beautiful, bushy and richly blooming dahlia, pinching is necessary. “Once the plant is about 20cm tall, encourage more flowering side shoots by pinching the main growing tip. With a sharp knife or your thumb and forefinger, remove the main, upright shoot in the center of the plant, just to the top pair of leaves,” the website described Gardeners World. Pinching young plants will encourage their branching.

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You know that…

  • There are dahlias in flower talk a symbol for pride.
  • Dahlia flowers last in weight up to 10 days. They should be cut before sunrise and after sunset.

“It is also a good idea, once the dahlias start to bloom profusely, to regularly remove spent flowers. On the one hand, they don’t look pretty, and above all, the development of the fruits limits the planting of new flowers,” he states iRecipe. Fertilize dahlias with liquid fertilizer. An organic fertilizer with a high phosphorus content will ensure good flowering and strong stems. Fertilize them weekly until mid-August and water regularly. Later fertilizing would lead to the growth of tubers and they would not mature enough before winter.

Dahlias also on the balcony

You can also grow dahlias in containers and use them to beautify your balcony, terrace, porch or window sill. But choose smaller varieties for this.

“Even for lower varieties, the growing container should be at least 25 x 25 centimeters wide. Dahlias in a flowerpot should be given support, for example a bamboo stick, to which we export them. Dahlias need watering and fertilizing even more consistently than plants in a flower bed, because they soon run out of nutrients from the pot,” he advises iRecipe.

Do not forget about the drainage at the bottom of the pot when planting.


During germination and further growth of young shoots, the biggest danger is slugs and snails, which are still in the mood. At the beginning of summer, aphids may appear on the plants. With their suction, they cause curvature and twisting of the leaves, but mainly they transmit viral diseases.

“Dahlias are also susceptible to powdery mildew and other fungal diseases. Therefore, direct the watering to the root zone and keep the leaves as dry as possible. Space the plants to ensure good air circulation,” the website advises The Spruce.

Propagation of dahlias by cuttings

  • For propagating cuttings with tubers of mother plants they establish in February into nutrient compost.
  • We gradually increase temperature to 20 to 25 degrees C due to soiling of the shoots.
  • At the same time, we maintain high humidity.
  • We break off then shoots with 3 pairs of leaves and even with a foot, after which we let them take root.
  • We will store them in the greenhouse and sprinkle with compost.
  • We break off the cuttings only after sprouting and we plant at the beginning of May on site or in mobile containers.
  • We choose a distance between cuttings of 0.5 to 1 cm and a depth such that it is root neck 10 cm below the surface.

Source: Czech buildings

Overwintering dahlias

The most important thing is to take care of dahlias before winter. Dahlias are not resistant to frost. In autumn, it is therefore necessary either just before the first frost or as soon as the above-ground parts of the plants freeze a little, to carefully dig the tubers out of the ground with a pitchfork.

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Cut the stems to 5-10 cm, dry the tubers and store them in boxes or bags with sand or peat. Over the winter, we leave them in a cool, dry room with a temperature above 5 degrees C. The temperature must not drop below freezing.

We will then wake them up again at the beginning of May for the new year.

Your garden is not just beautiful dahlias. Let yourself be inspired to work in the garden by some of the articles in the following menu.

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