“With regard to the ongoing warm period with the absence of precipitation and at the same time drying fresh gusty winds, suitable conditions for the possible occurrence and subsequent spread of fires will persist on Wednesday and Thursday,” the meteorologists stated. According to them, there is a big risk especially in Bohemia and in the west of Moravia, while in the north of Bohemia it will be until Friday.

According to meteorologists, the forecasted strong wind in Bohemia and the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands should partially weaken on Thursday evening, or on the night of Friday.

In connection with the danger of fires, meteorologists urge people not to light fires in nature, not to burn grass and not to throw cigarette butts on the ground. At the same time, according to them, they should follow the ordinances and bans that cities can issue regarding drought and fire danger.

Warm spring day - Illustration photo

This year’s April was the warmest in the history of measurements, according to the EU Copernicus service

On Tuesday, Prague extended the ban on setting fires in parks, forests and other places where there is a risk of fire until midnight on Friday. Steam locomotives are also not allowed.