The Xarkis Festival celebrates its 10th edition in Kornos


A giafetti of artistic creation, which seeks answers in the trunk and leaves of tradition

The Xarkis Festival (ΦΞ2023), true to its nomadic character, celebrates its 10th edition this year and is transferred from October 13 to 15 to the beautiful Kornos, a mountain village which is intertwined with the great tradition of Cypriot pottery.

If you have been to Xarkis Festival before, you know what to expect. But if it’s your first time, then you should prepare yourself for a packed program of workshops, performances, music and many other actions where tradition and community values ​​intertwine and interact with contemporary art, where small, everyday gestures turn into gifts kindness. Respect, experimentation, deconstruction, composition. Because anything popular contains something deeply daring and radical and is the result of a fruitful ongoing dialogue. And this is exactly what we try to do at every Xarkis Festival: to open with courage, clarity and imagination a creative dialogue with the past, to look for answers in the root system, in the trunk and leaves of tradition, to cast furtive glances into the future.

Delivery: Compact as well as fluid. Hermetic as well as inclusive. It runs through time. How does it reach us? How is it filtered? How does it define us? After all, what is our footprint? And what does “ours” mean?

For this year, then, the interdisciplinary team of the festival has chosen to focus on the concept of partnership through values ​​of care, as these are shaped by the relationship between heritage, everyday and contemporary artistic practices. Selected artists from Cyprus and abroad (Egypt, Greece, France, Germany, Ecuador, Lithuania, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Hungary, Slovenia, Syria) will be invited to investigate this key concept, who will participate in the Artist Hosting Program (1 -October 12). The results of their collaboration with the local community, charged with emotions and memories, will be presented during the three-day festival and are expected to stir the mood with their originality, ingenuity and truth.

This year’s Xarkis Festival aspires to highlight caring values ​​through contemporary art forms, values ​​linked to our intangible cultural heritage, traditional craft practices, shared ritual elements and practices.

In the press release of the festival, it is specifically stated: “We will ’embrace’ the red clay of Kornos again in pottery workshops by the village craftswomen, as well as in research workshops by interdisciplinary artists, and we will discover its possibilities. We will play with sustainability, ‘cooking’ bioplastics together with common trash, to shape new craft practices. We will ‘dive’ into the archive of cultural heritage to emerge smarter@”.

On Friday 13 October the festival will start with workshops and eco-pedagogical interactive experiences, in the afternoon the opening ceremony will take place at the village’s Potters’ Cooperative, while in the evening we will experiment with an alternative Cypriot giafetti, inviting the whole village to a big feast.

On Saturday 14 October we will continue with a complex program that will include workshops as well as games, such as an alternative Cypriot backgammon, futuristic walks and discussions with the local community. In the evening, a concert is planned with artists such as Melentini & The Running Blue Orchestra, BuzZ’ Ayaz, Cherry Bandora and Stranger in the Body, as well as loud DJ sets.

The program of the last day, Sunday, October 15, will include, among other things, a performance for cleaning the luvi, the presentation of a project around the tradition of tamas, choral formations and much more that you can read in the festival program:

The 10th edition of the Xarkis Festival is an experience worth experiencing up close. A communal polyphonic celebration that celebrates what unites us and reminds us of the value of sharing.

A few words about the festival

Founded in 2013, the Xarkis Festival began as a social experiment to test ideas of resilience, self-sufficiency, DIY practices, cultural heritage and folk wisdom in order to create a community identity amid the global financial crisis that culminated in Cyprus in 2013.

Ten years later, in a post-pandemic era where we are still experiencing various crises, we are re-examining the relevance of such principles.

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