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The world is shocked by a case in India: A woman threw a disabled child into a river to crocodiles

The constant arguments of a couple in the south of India due to the disability of their six-year-old son ended in a family tragedy on Saturday. A twenty-six-year-old woman threw a sleeping boy into the river. Neighbors, police and firemen helped to search for him. The body was found the next day bitten. Both husbands face charges of murder.

Crocodile – Illustration photo

| Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Tomas Castelazo, CC0 1.0

Twenty-seven-year-old Ravi Kumar and his wife Savitri, who is a year younger than him, talked most often about their six-year-old son. But he didn’t have a single word of praise for him. The boy was deaf and did not speak. Savitri claims that he often scolded her for this. On Saturday, she allegedly couldn’t stand the constant urges to let the boy die and threw the boy into the river behind the house known for its strong population crocodilesshe informed American television CBS News.

According to a new study, crocodiles can recognize anxiety in children's cries better than humans.  Illustrative image

Children as prey? Crocodiles can recognize distress cries better than humans

When the young woman realized what had happened, she confided in the neighbors, and they immediately started looking for the boy in the evening, they also called the police and the fire department. “At first we thought that the boy might have fallen into the thicket of trees that cover the stream. When we couldn’t find it, it dawned on us that she must have thrown it straight into the water,” said one villager for the New Indian Express.

Marital quarrels

The search ended with a tragic find. “We found the child’s body in the river on Sunday morning. It bore signs of serious injuries and one hand was missing, apparently bitten by a crocodile,” Sub-Inspector Krishna Arakeri of the South Indian state of Karnataka, who is investigating the case, told CBS. The police took both husbands into custody and charged them, among other things, with murder. Arakeri confirmed to the television that Savitri had told them about the protracted arguments with her husband in the first statement.

The Dandeli region of Karnataka is famous for its crocodiles

Source: Youtube

According to Outlook India website the woman also spoke to reporters and told them that her husband was psychologically abusing her. She blamed him for the boy’s death. “My husband is irresponsible. He kept saying to let the boy die. He claimed that the boy was just eating and doing nothing. I wanted him to leave the little one alone. The husband kept repeating these things – how much suffering did my son have to endure? But he still had his way, saying let the child die,” the mother claimed to reporters.

An Australian man was clamped in the jaws of a crocodile.  He saved himself by biting him in the eye.  Illustrative image

Fight for life: an Australian was attacked by a crocodile. He saved himself by biting him in the eye

The police are still investigating the circumstances of the case, the couple are in custody awaiting trial. Their other two-year-old son is being cared for by relatives.

Crocodiles can surprise with their behavior, for example when in India they saved a stray dog. For scientists, it was remarkable to discover that they prey on reptiles excellently they recognize a child’s cry. In Australia, a crocodile clamped down on a man’s jaws, and the latter deflected his attack by biting a sensitive area.

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