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The weather in Dubai surprised even a passenger from Ostrava. The situation has improved for tourists

Dubai was surprised by heavy rains from Tuesday to Wednesday. A city in the United Arab Emirates that operates without storm sewers was hit by flash floods within hours, curtailing operations at one of the world’s largest airports (DXB) and leaving hundreds of cars in the metropolis under water. Unfavorable weather in the emirates also affected some Ostravans.

The course of flash floods in Dubai, April 16, 2024.

| Video: Jan Dvořák

During Tuesday and Wednesday, social networks were flooded with all kinds of videos flash floods in Dubai. It was seen how sunken cars remained parked on the roads and strong winds demolished shops, outdoor lighting and carried away, for example, balcony equipment.

Jan Dvořák flew to Dubai on Monday. The business director traveled from Ostrava to the energy fair, but it was canceled due to the weather. “The organizers canceled the fair on the very first day after my arrival because it started raining in the exhibition halls. But it was impossible to go anywhere, because the subway was closed, no cars or taxis were running. I received a call from a colleague who landed directly at a flooded airport and waited four hours for his suitcases. He waited another four hours before he could even get to the center of Dubai,” says Dvořák, who was most surprised by the almost zero reaction from the police.

Extreme rains cause chaos in Dubai:

Dubai is currently experiencing its heaviest rainfall in seventy-five years.

Floods in Dubai: Extreme rain caused chaos, the sky was apocalyptic

“According to the locals, they basically have no or almost no traffic police here. There are a lot of radars and everything is automated, which reflected in the critical situation during the storm. Here in the Czech Republic, they would immediately close the intersections, but not here. They let the drivers drive through puddles for 10 hours and the cars gradually drowned, or people left them parked after a few meters. Just yesterday there were many parked cars in Dubai,” describes Ostravan.

In limited mode

According to Dvořák, the situation in the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates has stabilized and, apart from some flooded parts, everything is working at least in a limited mode. “The biggest problem was the lack of sewage, people had nowhere to pump water. For example, the locals helped a lot in the shops, trying to take buckets of water outside, but even there the water had nowhere to drain,” added Jan Dvořák. Currently, public transport is said to be operating and further rains should not follow.

Tereza Sladká and her husband are scheduled to leave for Dubai on Monday for a four-day vacation. But the situation surrounding the flash floods leaves her cold. “My husband and I have long planned a holiday in Dubai. Although the latest news worries us a little, we believe that our departure from Krakow to Abu Dhabi and the subsequent transfer to Dubai will take place without a problem. The departure is on Monday, so we strongly hope that Dubai will dry out by then,” Ostravanka thinks.

The international airport in Dubai also reported that the situation had calmed down, where some passengers waited up to 48 hours to fly back to the Czech Republic. Dubai’s Emirates has confirmed that people can show up for scheduled flights. “Customers departing from Dubai can now check-in for their flights. Please only go to the airport if you have a confirmed flight reservation as it remains overcrowded,” Dubai Airport said on social media X during Thursday morning.

The spokeswoman of the Invia travel agency Jiřina Ekrt Jirušková also confirmed the improvement. “During Tuesday and Wednesday, when the situation was most critical, some clients were investigating alternative connections or transfers from Dubai to other destinations. There were also a few clients in the Czech Republic who asked about the current situation and whether they should cancel their trip. But the vast majority did not cancel the trip. At the moment, we have information that the situation is stabilized and tours are being organized normally and are not being cancelled,” said the spokeswoman.

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