To hope that Kyiv will gain control over the occupied territory in the near future would be naive, according to President Pavel. “We have to be realistic. Russia will not give up the currently occupied territories. We need to stop the war and then start debating the future arrangement. There could be a compromise, but we cannot create it without the consent of Ukraine, Russia and without the countries that will be the guarantor of such an agreement,” specified Pavel in an interview on British television.

The Czech president further stated that he is sure that European resources together with recently approved American aid they are sufficient to help Ukraine win on the ground.

Source: Youtube

At the same time, he added that the allies must not be too careful in providing aid for fear of an escalation of the conflict. “Ukrainians are losing their lives, they are losing their territory, and in the end they may lose the whole war. We have to assess the risk of escalation.”

The television broadcast the interview on Monday. In it, Pavel also dealt with Ukraine’s possible entry into NATO, which according to him is not on the table for the duration of the war in the country, or the situation in Georgia.