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The unidentified ‘Dalton’ in the photo – The food delivery man the second…

The police are investigating two people, who allegedly acted as informants for the executioners.

New information has come to light about the Lutsa massacre as one of the Turkish members of Baris Boyun’s gang, known as the ‘Daltons’, pictured in the photo taken at the house they were staying in shortly before their cold-blooded execution, is not among of the victims.

According to a report by SKAI, in the photo of the six victims which has made the rounds on the internet, it seems that one person is missing, the sixth victim.

In this particular image, the officers of the Department of Prosecution of Crimes Against Life appear to identify five of the six victims who lost their lives in the bloody incident.

Police have not identified an unidentified person, who is on the far left of the photo and is not among the victims of the ambush.

4642983932662414 image

Photo of the six Turks from the house they lived in Lutsa

The police believe that the sixth victim is likely to be the person who took the photo, although it was initially assumed that this is the 32-year-old Suleiman D. who was arrested at “Eleftherios Venizelos”.

What do the police think about the man in the photo?

According to the same report, the police believe that the man on the left of the photo who seems to be running away is the second “Trojan horse” or the second informant, as well as being a member of the “Dalton” gang.

The 32-year-old Suleiman who was arrested in “Eleftherios Venizelos” along with the unknown man in the photo, seems to have been the ones who convinced the victims to go into the ambush, as a result of which they lost their lives.

One was the food distributor and the other had carried out the procedures in order to provide them with both shelter and a means of escape from Greece. Fingerprints and DNA evidence of the 32-year-old Suleiman were found in the car in which the six Turks were traveling as well as in the house where they lived in Lutsa.

Suleiman D.’s role appears to have been to hide, identify and possibly flee to Italy for the six “Daltons”. Then it may have been the “Trojan horse” or the easy target for the executioners to escape unmolested.

The two assistants

According to a report by the police editor, Vassilis Lambropoulos, for the newspaper “TA NEA”, the six murdered Turks came to our country in different phases, after the involvement of some of them in a murderous attack, at the beginning of August in Grenoble, France, against of a rival of the ‘Daltons’.

Even earlier, some of their accomplices had fled to Greece – after a “pogrom” by the Turkish police, with 131 arrests.

According to the same indications, in fact, leading members of the “Daltons” then contacted 32-year-old Suleiman D., who was allegedly involved in migrant trafficking and resided in Mytilini, with the aim of helping the perpetrators leave Greece.

At the same time, the researchers of EL.AS. they also focus their interest on two more Turkish petty criminals who reside in Greece and who also framed the six, probably on the orders of their accomplices in Turkey, while it is alleged that they also knew Suleiman D.

These “helpers” probably know exactly what was happening during the presence of the “Daltons” in our country, their circle of contacts and the role of the 32-year-old who is recorded as a connecting link.

Besides, there is continuous cooperation with the Turkish authorities to finally establish who are the moral and physical perpetrators of the massacre, but also if there is help from Albanian or Serbian criminal organizations as has been established in the past.

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