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The tense round between Espinoza and Allende: senator summons her for her seat in the Senate and she threatens to freeze participation in the bench

If there is a feeling that prevails within the bench of senators of the Socialist Party (PS), it is the discomfort. And in the last hours two of the most visible faces of him-Fidel Espinoza and Isabel Allende– they got involved in a crude confrontation resulting from the succession that shewho will not re-run for office, could have in the Upper House.

The situation escalated so much that Allende even threatened to freeze his participation in the socialist bench if his peers do not comment on Espinoza’s statements.. Until the closing of this edition, party senators analyzed the drafting of a declaration. The PS board did the same, headed by the senator Paulina Vodanovic.

Writing a statement is not an easy task. And in the party they know that they are “stepping on eggs”, considering that Espinoza acknowledged in early April that “I have been feeling uncomfortable for months.” and that it was possible to leave the community.

The duel between both socialist militants began as a result of an interview that Espinoza gave to The Mercurio of Valparaísoin which he said that the senator’s niece, the minister Maya Fernandez (Defense), is within his legitimate right to run for a seat in the Senate, but warned that “The Senate cannot be a hereditary monarchy”. This within the framework of the promotion that Allende has made of the Secretary of State as a letter to the Senate in the socialist internal.

“I have had dialogue with dozens of leaders in the region who do not want their (Allende) succession to be decided at the central level. I, at least, For Valparaíso I welcome possible candidatures of Álvaro Elizalde or Paulina Vodanovic herself“, he indicated Espinoza to said medium.

AUGUST 21, 2023 /VALPARAÍSO Paulina Vodanovic and Fidel Espinoza during the Senate session at the National Congress in Valparaíso. PHOTO: PABLO OVALLE ISASMENDI / AGENCIAUNO

In response to his words, Last night, Senator Allende shared a public statement in which she accused that “Senator Espinoza has seriously offended our family, the Allende family, the family of President Salvador Allende.”. She did, as she explained, “by offending Minister Maya Fernándezdenying him any merit to occupy his current position or eventually to nominate another (…)”.

“For us, the legacy of President Allende is not a source of privileges, but of obligations and duties (…). The values ​​of dignity, equity and the defense of democracy thus oblige and commit us to our people and to Chile, values ​​that the senator apparently ignores.”, concluded the legislator.

Allende also expressed his annoyance, through messages, to the other senators of the bench, when he pointed out to them that even his participation in the instance was in doubt..


Regarding this possibility, the head of the bench Gaston Saavedra I affirm that “It would be a decision we would greatly regret.” and acknowledged that Espinoza “has been reckless with his statements“, since the PS has democratic mechanisms to resolve the controversies that arise when candidates have to be elected.” However, the legislator proposed that “we must find a formula for understanding” and He called for prudence and “collective work” to resolve “the people’s issues.”.

Saavedra He also made it clear that the statement is “we will see,” but he reaffirmed that his statements were made as head of the bench.

Far from putting down cold cloths, the senator Fidel Espinoza once again spoke out on the dispute surrounding Allende’s succession in Valparaíso. In conversation with Third, the senator remarked: “More power to the regions and fewer finger-point impositions. What is wrong or offensive about that? I say this about hereditary monarchies to the senator or to any other politician or politician who at the time intends to install their relatives in acts of parliamentary succession or other type of popular election.”.

Senator Fidel Espinoza in an investigative session of the Chamber of Deputies.
Senator Fidel Espinoza in an investigative session of the Chamber of Deputies. Photo: Pablo Ovalle Isasmendi / Agencia Uno.

Furthermore, he emphasized that “In none of my statements have I intended to offend her or the senator’s family. Less to the figure of Salvador Allendewhom we always respected as a family and for whom our father –Luis Espinoza– He defended his government, until he gave his life.”

In that line, Espinoza suggested that “pretending (…) to get involved in a conflict with the figure of his father only demonstrates the genuine interest of not wanting or knowing how to listen to constructive political criticismwhich is in line with what the citizens themselves have asked of us: That we politicians open spaces to new generations and that we do not try to extend privileges among those close to us, even more so if they are family members.”.

He also proposed that “it should be a conventional primary of citizens of the region (of Valparaíso) who make that decision, since they are the ones who will have to deal with eight years of work with their future senator.”

Thats not all. In response to the senator’s “offensive words” that he ignores the values ​​of dignity and democracy, The parliamentarian pointed out that “I have earned my prestige in my region and today in the country, precisely by defending those principles, including the fight against corruption.”about which many remain silent, because they are defenders of transfers to foundations.” Espinoza has precisely been one of the most critical official faces of the money mess between these organizations and government departments.

And he added that “to be elected parliamentarian with large majorities, even national ones, I have not had to go from region to region looking for seats, because my main principle is love for the people of my land, which I am honored to represent, despite the annoyance that my arrival in the Senate caused to the ‘elite’ of my party”.

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