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The stupid fool: Will science resurrect him? The extinct “overgrown pigeon” keeps scientists awake

Dronte mauritius also called as the fool of the sea. This is a bird that has become a blatant symbol of people’s disrespect for nature. Until a few hundred years ago, these birds lived freely only on the island of Mauritius. However, they were completely exterminated. Now scientists are solving whether and under what conditions it would be possible to resurrect their real existence.

The famous Edwards dodo painting.

| Photo: Wikimedia Commons, free work

The last specimen of a bird called the Mauritian ronte, also known as the dodo and as the ruffed grouse (Latin Raphus cucullatus), was last seen alive more than 300 years ago. It was at this time that the last piece also died. Man is behind its destruction.

What is known about the form of the fool of the undead

It is not entirely clear what exactly the stupid fool looked like. At the time he lived, there were no photographs, let alone cameras.

“Its external appearance is evidenced only by paintings, sketches and written reports from the 17th century,” the specialized website recalled Prehistoric fauna. All that is known is that a fool can’t…

  • He was about one meter tall.
  • It could weigh 10–20 kilograms.
  • It may have had brownish gray plumage, yellow feet and tufts of tail feathers, a gray bare head, and a bill colored black, yellow, and green.

Gazelle.  Illustrative image

A gazelle with six legs was found in Israel. He even has his own herd

“Despite being one of the most famous birds in the world, we still know virtually nothing about the dodo bird,” he stated for CNN website Julian Hume, an avian palaeontologist at the Natural History Museum in London.

American Museum of Natural History added that the dodo may not have always been flightless. It belongs to the evolutionary branch of pigeons, when one group settled on the island of Mauritius years ago. There, probably due to a lack of predators, the dodo grew larger over time and lost the ability to fly.

How the stupid fool behaved

The baboon lived in Mauritius, which is now an island nation in the Indian Ocean about 2,000 kilometers southeast of the African continent, east of Madagascar. The country covers an area of ​​2,040 square kilometers.

Fools lived and nested on the ground. The main food was fruit. The massive beak allowed them to shell large seeds, a large part of the food was fruit. They nested on the ground and were very tame. It was this feature that became fatal for them.

Extinct Creatures – The Unsightly Fool:

Source: Youtube

Why did the fool go extinct

As reminded Museum of Natural History falling under Oxford Universitythe story of the extinction of the doda begins in 1598, when Dutch sailors first encountered these individuals.

Jellyfish will be used for science, they will become biorobots.  lustration photo

He turns the jellyfish into bio-robots. Hybrid animals will help explore the depths of the oceans

“Dodos were very tame and therefore easy to catch. This caused their rapid decline,” said the Museum of Natural History. It was hunted as food despite the fact that its meat was quite tough and had to be cooked for a long time.

Then the dogs, cats, rats and pigs that the sailors brought with them completed the destruction. These animals then disposed of the loaded eggs en masse.

“The last confirmed sighting of the plover was in 1662, by 1700 it was considered extinct,” the museum described.

Humanity thus needed about 100 years to be exterminated.

The last known period painting of a drone from 1638 by an artist named Cornelis Saftleven.The last known period painting of a drone from 1638 by an artist named Cornelis Saftleven.Source: Wikimedia Commons, free work

The domestic route leads to Rudolph II.

Blboun’s Czech footprint can also be considered a certain interest. According to the available information, he apparently even made it to the court of the Czech king Rudolph II, as he also states in his scientific work Julian Hume from London’s Natural History Museum.

Jiří Mlíkovský, a member of the doctoral committee of the Department of Zoology at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Charles University and a researcher at the National Museum, also dealt with this historical circumstance.

A scientific team led by Cícero Moraes published the possible appearance of the Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus.

Experts have revived the face of the astronomer Nicholas Copernicus. And they solved a big mystery

“I got to Rudolph II. he probably received it between 1605 and 1608. In 1609, however, he was already dead, because in that year he found himself in the catalog of Rudolf’s stuffed animals,” stated Jiří Mlíkovský on the website Charles University in Prague.

Why is the Dronte Mauritian fool unappreciated?

Scientist in the field of ornithology Jiří Mlíkovský also explained why the dodo bird is also called a fool.

“It follows from the psychology of the entire time. Today, whoever is killed is seen as a pauper or a victim. But when someone got killed, he was just a fool to the survivors. This animal allowed itself to be killed quite simply, which is why it earned such a name,” explained Jiří Mlíkovský.

Attempts to revive the doda bird

The dark fate of the stupid fool keeps the scientists awake. They are therefore preparing experiments to return the extinct creature’s DNA back to nature with the help of preserved doda tissue.

“Scientists at the University of California, Santa Cruz Genomics Institute sequenced the doda genome from a DNA sample taken from a museum specimen,” the website said Discover Wild Life.

As already on the website they reported, The next step will be to compare the genetic information with the doda’s closest avian relatives, which are found in the pigeon family. That is the process that will tell more precisely what the doda dom does.

At first glance, the panda ant is quite a cute animal

An insect that looks like a panda and looks cute. But his stab also kills a cow

After this phase, the main and most demanding step will follow, and that is the actual resurrection of the animal. Scientists will have to combine the cells of a living relative of the dodo with the DNA of the extinct bird. They hope that a tried-and-tested technique could be used. For example, the one in which the genetic material of a duck was used to create a chicken.

“This method involves removing the germ cells from the egg, culturing them in the laboratory and then modifying them for the desired genetic traits. The researchers then insert them back into the egg at the same developmental stage. If the project is successful, it will not be a complete copy of the bird, but its hybrid form,” we reported in an earlier article.

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