What do you think happened today?
There was a meeting of the Slovak government in Handlová. After it was over, Fico went outside where his supporters were standing, or so the prime minister thought. Someone called to him to come to them. But there was a shooter among the people who fired several shots at the prime minister.

Law student and resident of Handlova Jakub Chromík.Law student and resident of Handlova Jakub Chromík.Source: Courtesy of Jakub ChromikWhere were you at the time of the shooting?
At the time of the incident, I was in the apartment, which is about 50 meters from the cultural center where the incident took place. Paradoxically, I didn’t hear anything and learned about it from the media. Better said from social networks.

What is the atmosphere in the city now?
Very tense. There is a large base of government parties in Handlová and Fico is very popular here. People are shocked and outraged. I see it on those social networks too. They condemn this act. The streets are empty.

Security guards support Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico shortly after the shooting.

The attacker was calling for Fico to come closer. Then he shot, they describe the assassination in Slovakia

Is it even possible to function normally in Handlová now?
Shops and other services around the square are closed. Citizens, including me, have a problem getting into the apartment. Or on the bus. But you can walk outside, that is, except for the square, which is closed and guarded by emergency services. Police officers and detectives are on the scene. They probably take biological traces there. Further from the center, however, shops are open.

Source: Youtube