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The pond in Pilsen turned into a swan lake. It attracted dozens of birds

Lužanský rybník in southern Pilsen could now be renamed Swan Lake. More than four dozen majestic birds are currently roaming the breeding water area of ​​roughly ten hectares. Fishermen and nature conservationists agree that this is a phenomenon that they have not encountered in the west of Bohemia before, but is now starting to appear. Last year, there were even over a hundred swans on one pond in the Tachovsk region.

Lužanský pond in the south of Pilsen attracted over 40 swans

| Video: Diary/Milan Kilián

“Every year it happens that when several swans gather here, usually several pairs, the dominant one can drive the others out and only two are left. And they bring out the young ones, there are usually five to eight of them. But this year is absolutely extreme, at the last count I counted 39 swans. People come here to see them,” he said Diary Jaroslav Šlachta, who lives right by the pond.

Another census showed that there are even over forty graceful birds on the pond. “We went there to see with our granddaughter at the weekend and counted 43 of them. Our Jolanka was thrilled,” said Blanka Kalčíková, another resident of Lužan.

Sunday afternoon with storks

Closely watched stork nests: the bellies of the young are filling up, there is no shortage of tragedies

The same number, i.e. 43 swans, was reached on Monday counting birds a reporter from Deník is also on the water surface.

“We have no explanation for this. The fish population there is still the same, moreover, they are still basically not feeding. But we already encounter this in our other ponds, there are areas where there are maybe twenty swans,” said Václav Voráček, director of Klatovské rybářství, which breeds carp in Lužany.

Times are changing

Karel Makoň from DESOP and animal rescue station in Pilsen, who is circling with fellow swans and treats if necessaryhe told Deník that they had not encountered a similar phenomenon in the west of Bohemia before, but now ponds littered with swans are sometimes found.

Lužanský pond in the south of Pilsen attracted over 40 swans.Lužanský pond in the south of Pilsen attracted over 40 swansSource: Deník/Milan Kilián

“These are mostly large bodies of water where there are artificially fed fish. Last year, we counted over a hundred swans at the Modrý u Tisová pond, and we circled about thirty of them. In that case, of course, the dominant couple has a very difficult time, it’s a difference between driving out two or three competitors or several dozen,” explained Makoň, adding that the causes of this behavior large white birds are not known.

Dentist Hana Makoňová has been rescuing animals for twenty years

The dentist saved the swan’s life with surgery. Veterinarians reported her for animal cruelty

“While we are near Tachovsko, we recently encountered a very unusual thing at the Great Holostrev pond. There are two pairs of swans nesting next to each other, last year they even brought out their young about 50 meters apart and led them there. This is an absolutely unique thing,” he concluded.

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