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The pollen season has started. How about allergies? Experts advise how to relieve the eyes and nose

Allergy sufferers mainly suffer from eye and breathing problems during the pollen season. Their eyes are swollen, watery, red or burning. They have stuffy noses, sneezing and shortness of breath. It makes the fragrant and blooming spring days very unpleasant for them. It is therefore good not to neglect anything. The diary provides advice on how to prevent serious complications.

Allergies in the spring can be quite troublesome. How to relieve symptoms? The newspaper asked experts for advice.

| Photo: Deník/Petr Holubář

What role do genes play?

Susceptibility to pollen allergy is inherited. However, doctor Zdeněk Vaníček from the Lexum Budějovická eye clinic in Prague points out that genes alone are not enough. “Repeated exposure to allergens and other factors that increase sensitivity to them is also necessary for development,” he said. He considers it important not to underestimate unpleasant symptoms, otherwise the cornea may be affected and vision may be compromised.

What to relieve the eyes?

If one has to go out, it is difficult to completely avoid irritating pollens. According to Vaníček, it is good to wear sunglasses. The head of the Ophthalmic Center Prague, Radan Zugar, advises to rinse your eyes with cold water after coming home and to use artificial tears during the day. “They soothe sensitive eyes, flush out allergens, moisturize and stabilize the tear film,” he pointed out.

Allergies in the spring can be quite troublesome.  Read what to watch out for in the article.  How not to confuse an allergy with a virus.

Pollen allergy season has broken out: What blooms, how it crosses, how to distinguish the virus

He recommends applying antihistamine eye drops to already irritated eyes, which will reduce redness and swelling. You can get them freely in pharmacies. “It’s good to apply cold compresses to swollen eyes,” added Zugar.

How to support breathing?

Typical reactions in pollen allergies include itching of the mucous membranes and blowing of the nose. That is, an unpleasant runny nose associated with a blocked nose and frequent sneezing. Antihistamines help people (medications that protect the body from allergy symptoms – editor’s note)which are also available in nasal drops.

Source: Youtube

However, according to experts, it is good to use them in moderation. “Overused nasal decongestant drops can gradually damage the nasal mucosa. It is therefore always better to consult an allergy doctor and get tested. A doctor is the best judge of whether and how to treat problems,” recommended Petr Pohunek, director of the Czech Initiative for Asthma. He considers it essential not to smoke, not even passively.

Will inhalation help?

According to experts, allergy symptoms can be relieved by inhalation. “This method, with the help of medical inhalers, enables the rapid application of drugs directly into the airways and reduces inflammation and swelling associated with allergic reactions,” explained Šimon Peter from the Celimed company.

An exaggerated reaction to grass and birch is one of the most common spring allergies

How to cure a pollen allergy? There are options you may not have heard of

According to him, it gives a person quick relief. Peter advises to inhale once a day for ten to fifteen minutes. It is a good idea to discuss medicines with a doctor or pharmacist. For example, Vincentka is also suitable for inhalation.

Are dietary supplements suitable?

To suppression of allergic reactions according to nutritionist and Trime product developer Jakub Přibyl, quality food supplements can also contribute. He recommends vitamins C, D, zinc or omega-3 fatty acids. “Some studies show that after supplementation (addition – editor’s note) vitamin D improved allergic symptoms,” he said.

How to protect your eyes from pollen

• Avoid being outside when the pollen concentration is highest (usually in the morning).
• Keep windows closed to minimize pollen entering the house, use air conditioning or a ventilation system with a pollen filter in the car.
• Wear sunglasses or glasses with side shields when outdoors to minimize eye exposure to allergens.
• Wash your eyes, face and hands regularly to remove allergens. Wash your hair more often.
• Do not touch or rub your eyes.
• Use eye drops, artificial tears or antihistamines as directed by your doctor.
• Apply cold compresses to swollen eyes, a decoction of primrose or chamomile works great.

Source: Eye center Prague

More advice

• Purchase anti-pollen nets.
• Avoid activities that stir pollen. Better to leave mowing the grass to someone else.
• Dry laundry indoors.

Source: Lexum Eye Clinic

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